[Mobile] Option to customize Your Daily Drive

Just got a playlist called "Your Daily Drive". So far, it's great because it mixes in news-like podcast snippets inbetween suggested songs.


However, it'd be great to mark a podcast as 'do not play again' or 'dislike' so it doesn't show up or similar podcasts don't appear. 


It would also like to love/like songs that appear, as well as the ability to complete skip a podcast if its something I'm less interested in. Podcast runs similar to normal podcast, but I feel that this is a different experience (and a catered one), we should have more freedom to skip/like/love/dislike to make this experience improve over time.


Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-17

Hi everyone!
Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.
If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Is it possible to change the language of the content? In Finland there's only English podcasts in my playlist. 


Agreed.. and also for songs it would be nice to remove stuff that you've tired of.  It seems to play the same old songs and doesn't update with new stuff that I've liked.  


I love Your Daily Drive - I listen to it on my way to work AND at work.  But it bothers me that the playlist will put a podcast in that I like, and then weeks later it disappears.  I'd love it if I could pick and choose which podcasts played on that playlist, and I'm wondering why it's not been made a feature yet.  I'd appreciate any help / response that could be given!




I agree with this.  New York Times' The Daily ruins this otherwise uplifting feature.  It makes me think Spotify is encouraging left-wing propaganda.


I like the idea of daily drive, but all the news sources are highly liberal and political, I am not interested in worrying about things I can't change.  Please add the option to select/customize news sources.




I'd like to see an update from Spotify on this. I enjoy the format and delivery of the Daily Drive "playlist" but the "news" content and injection of native ads (Snacks) ruins the experience. I'd rather have UPI Odd News coming through vs NPR. At the very least allow a user to block a news source.




One thing I'd like to add is that it should be possible to select which news items appear in the Daily Drive. E.g. I'm from Germany and although I've set my whole Spotify experience to the English language, my Daily Drive only contains German speaking news. I'd much rather prefer news like e.g. the BBC Minute where you don't fall asleep 20 seconds in.


I am very disheartened that after a year there is still no progress on this. I was about to make my own suggestion that there should be an option that is without news entirely.  This is such an easy feature to implement that you dragging your feet about it speaks volumes. 


Having the option to fully customize or semi-customize "Your Daily Drive" would be awesome. Depending on the amount of time you listen to the playlist, being able to move more news or more music towards the top allows you to tailor the playlist more to your liking. Another idea would be allowing the creation of two daily drive playlists in case you wanted all news in one and music in the other.

Casual Listener

Has anyone else noticed that the songs in Daily Drive are not rotating as much as they used to?  There are several songs that have been on my playlist every day for the past month.

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