[Mobile] Option to customize Your Daily Drive

Just got a playlist called "Your Daily Drive". So far, it's great because it mixes in news-like podcast snippets inbetween suggested songs.


However, it'd be great to mark a podcast as 'do not play again' or 'dislike' so it doesn't show up or similar podcasts don't appear. 


It would also like to love/like songs that appear, as well as the ability to complete skip a podcast if its something I'm less interested in. Podcast runs similar to normal podcast, but I feel that this is a different experience (and a catered one), we should have more freedom to skip/like/love/dislike to make this experience improve over time.


Thank you!

Updated on 2020-12-17

Hi everyone!
Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.
If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Has there been any updates on this. I think this is a neccesity really to have an ability to customise podcasts that automically updates daily


Please, I just want to stop hearing **bleep** celebrity gossip in my daily drive.


I do not care about whatever new feature is on twitter, or what dress Is being worn to what event.


I care about actual news.


Definitely want this option. I listen to Spotify on Mobile and desktop when working including Daily Drive. There is no way to remove Betches Media podcast at all. The speaker's voice is utterly grating. 


I’m soo glad I found this & that I’m not the only one that thinks the daily drive playlist should be customizable! I really care about the top of the news hour like WSJ minute briefing & NPR and those crime/true crime podcasts but with the roe vs wade thing happening, I’ve gotten like 2-3 podcasts about that issue & it needs to stop! I understand how important it is but at the same time; I do not want to be swamped & the same thing with this tboy lite stock/business news channel where the hosts sound drunk af 😂 thought it was funny at first than got annoyed…please roll this update out! (slowpokes much…)


Is there a way to set desired length of the news reports/podcasts?

If my drive is 30 minutes, I don't want a 20 minute podcast and 2 songs. I'd rather have about 3 songs and 3 news briefs. Doesn't that make more sense? 


At the moment the Spotify algorithm doesn't seem to identify that certain music can be for certain events and just pulls in everything that I listen to into my daily drive. It would appear that that algorithm looks at what songs I listen to the most which not only means that I get my gym and running music on my daily drive but it also that the daily drive music effectively upvotes itself every time it's played. It would be good if I could omit songs (artist and genres) from my daily drive and if the algorithm can play songs (artists and genres) like the one's that are left on the non-omitted list (maybe even new music by an artist I like) or have a percentage controllable random element. This could also be linked to the podcasts where a choice or level of randomness could be used.


Can we get Adele to ask for this? It's clear they don't care to implement customization for the "unwashed masses", even after asking for 3 years.


Can we PLEASE get a way to prevent podcasts from showing up here? I don't pay for premium just so I can get ads from podcasts in the middle of my listening session ffs. If I wanted to listen to a podcast, I'd listen to a podcast. 😠


Here's a meme for you as old as this THREE YEAR OLD feature request: Stop trying to make "podcasts" happen. It's not going to happen.


Good job, SPOTIFY! 3 years of ignoring this idea so many people would are intereseted at. You really take care of your users.


I feel like we had the ability to personalize Daily Drive for a while but it went away recently (~2mos)…I'm no longer able to edit the podcasts that are incorporated into Daily Drive.


This is frustrating because Daily Drive keeps playing Buzzfeed Daily's final episode from 2020, and there's no way to remove it or dislike it

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