[Mobile] Option to customize Your Daily Drive

Just got a playlist called "Your Daily Drive". So far, it's great because it mixes in news-like podcast snippets inbetween suggested songs.


However, it'd be great to mark a podcast as 'do not play again' or 'dislike' so it doesn't show up or similar podcasts don't appear. 


It would also like to love/like songs that appear, as well as the ability to complete skip a podcast if its something I'm less interested in. Podcast runs similar to normal podcast, but I feel that this is a different experience (and a catered one), we should have more freedom to skip/like/love/dislike to make this experience improve over time.


Thank you!

Updated on 2019-07-12

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I can't believe you just didn't do this already.  How lame. Bad user experience. 


Just piggybacking on this to say how annoying it is that the same 10 songs are jammed into this playlist and I can't do anything about it. On top of that issue which has been present for months, NPR news went away and I now I have some LA local-themed garbage. A. I don't even live in LA B. Even if I did why would you assume I want that?

We really need to be able to tailor what goes in this thing. Amazingly half-baked implementation that hasn't been tuned for the better in months.

Also just delete Snacks Minute, thanks. 

P.S. Having to reach 500 votes in this obtuse method of giving feedback before you do anything is straight up garbage, but I feel like you know that.


I've actually started building my own version of the daily drive for my morning commute. Creating my own mood for the commute ahead. I can make it mellow when it's raining or high energy when I haven't had my morning coffee.


If anything, please give us the option to dislike podcasts. I had a great roundup of podcasts and now I keep getting The Lead. I love basketball but I don't want to listen to a sports podcast on my way to work. No thanks


I would also like to add... please play more music from sources than my top played tracks. I would like to hear more new music vs music that i already listen to too much


Snacks Minute, please make it stop...


Please do this


I really liked Daily Drive when it was initially released. It was great getting the different AM and PM news podcasts from NPR. I also thought some of the podcasts were interesting and well-mixed with a good variety of music.


However, when the algorithm changed, I'm no longer a fan.

  • I don't like Robinhood Snacks Minute, which plays so often it's now appeared in my "heavy rotation." It also stays in the list when I'm driving home, which doesn't help in variety.
  • I keep skipping a sports news podcast which hasn't ever covered the one sport I'm a fan of.
  • A lot of repeat songs also keep populating the list, especially songs from a playlist I listened in October for Halloween. I don't want to listen to a majority of those songs until October comes around again.


I'm giving up on Daily Drive.


Please, please do this.  (I’m not too proud to beg.)

The Daily Drive is so, so close to the holy grail of custom personalized radio. I would happily abandon my podcast client for Spotify if this existed. The Spotify music recommendation algorithm is amazing - get all my favorite daily and weekly podcasts in there, and I’m racking up the streams like a salmon in heat. 

 Just let us specify what podcasts to include. It would be extra great if we could program the week day by day  - these daily podcasts in the morning, these ones in the evening. These ones for Monday to Friday, these for the weekend. Some nice scheduling interface. 

I would pay extra for this.
(I mean, I don’t _want_ to, but deep, deep down I know that I would)



Yes! I have a Google Hub Max and I like how you can pick from a list of curated, short-audio items that you are interested in such as NPR hourly news, ESPN update, etc. I realize that this is a little different ... you may not want all of those things automatically playing every time you fire up the playlist if it's your default list -- but I would like to express things I'm interested in and perhaps even fine tune the delivery of it. Having it think "It's 5pm and I haven't given my listener the news since 7:30am ... I'll do that as soon as possible" seems like good logic.  

Casual Listener

Specifically, it would be great to get rid of sponsored podcasts that are annoying and a waste of time in Your Daily Drive.  https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Podcasts-Remove-Snacks-Minute-from-Your-Daily-Drive/idi-...