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[Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcasts” from mobile home screen

On the mobile app Home screen, “Your top podcasts” isn’t reflecting my most frequently used podcasts. It contains podcasts that I haven’t listened to recently, and yet it omits at least one of the podcasts to which I have listened recently.


How is Spotify defining “Top” podcasts?


Regardless of this definition, I want to manage which podcasts are displayed on my home screen.


Several users have provided feedback on this — and in particular, some users have unwittingly shared explicit podcasts with young children or family members. These people cannot dismiss/forget these podcasts from their home screen. Inappropriate and embarrassing. 


Allow Spotify users to manage which podcasts appear on “Your top podcasts.” 


Updated on 2020-06-22

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Spotify to mark this topic as "Status: Not Right Now" is absolutely inappropriate!


BUT WHY are you (spotify) not listening to this complaint about how the homescreen is working?  

It's beginning to get to the point where its a dealbreaker.  I've been on spotify premium for over ten years, but now I'm seriously considiering to start looking elsewhere.    

Going from an supernice music service with acutally helpful functions to find new music, to a podcast-dictator that tries to mislead me as a user to listen to podcast I'm not interested in at all. 
Also I hardly dare to try on new music or podcasts since they will be following me to the grave on the home page.  


All this forced advertising for things I don't care about. It's literally cancer spreading through an app that was really great once. Always trying to milik every cent out of the Community, kinda disappointing.


Yes please, let's get rid of this paternalism. 


Las sugerencias de podcast deberían tener en cuenta los gustos del usuario y mas si eres un usuario que paga la mensualidad. Es el colmo que siempre me aparezca un podcast que no quiero escuchar y que ademas me aparezca como uno uno de los que mas escucho, sabiento que no lo sigo y además lo tengo mal calificado, pero no le puedo eliminar de la pantalla de mis sugerencias, a lo cual tendria todo el derecho pues estoy pagando opr un servicio en el cual puedo escoger lo que me gusta y lo que no me gusta debería poder eliminar. Veo que desde spotify no dan solución al respecto. Podría ser hora de buscar alternativas.

Adicionalmente, en la cola de los podcast incluyen capítulos de esos podacast que solo quieren promocionar y que no son de mi gusto, al tenerlo mal claificado. Debería poner la opción de elininar o no me interesa, para que sea el usuario quién decida...



El colomo que lo te4ngan sin solución desde el les interesan los usuarios?


I love how I pay spotify for this service, and when we give them feedback about a feature we dislike, they tell us to **bleep** off. 


Really awesome customer service, guys. Super cool that you don't care what we, your literal income source, want to see in your services. 


It's as simple as sad: Too many of the paying idiots just don't care, so Spotify won't either.



I cancelled my Spotify premium and migrated my library to Deezer premium because I was getting erotic podcast suggestions on my home screen.


All the Spotify community ideas I've found relating to this are marked as not right now. And the only suggestions people give for solving it are to listen to more stuff until the recommendations adjust. The problem is that I don't listen to podcasts, so the recommendations never adjust and the poor suggestions have been at the top of my home screen for months


The first thing I see every time I open the app is a big silhouette of two people having s e x and an orgy in the background... Great... Can't open the app around people because that'd be awkward. 


A switch to hide explicit content is not sufficient, because I may want to listen to music that Spotify deems explicit, but want to hide other content that is too explicit for me.


I get it, Spotify wants to promote podcasts and content, but we desperately need a way to tell the algorithm when it's crossed a line, and to hide specific suggestions.

I don't listen to podcasts so why am I always forced to see podcast suggestions? The suggestions are so far below my grade that they directly trigger nausea. I could vomit in a gush.
I don't want to see these idiots. I also don't want to know what **bleep** they've produced again. With music, I can deselect artists who unfortunately don't suit my taste (only in mob. App). Why can't I do that with podcasts? I see Spotify has refused this request for years. What I will do ... I learned my lesson and money is the key ... I unsubscribe from Spotify. Luckily, I only have a free trial subscription. Keep in mind, I got erotic podcast proposals also. I should call Russian ladies. What is Spotify thinking about me? Just imagine my kids, my wife or anyone else will see this.