[Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcasts” from mobile home screen

On the mobile app Home screen, “Your top podcasts” isn’t reflecting my most frequently used podcasts. It contains podcasts that I haven’t listened to recently, and yet it omits at least one of the podcasts to which I have listened recently.


How is Spotify defining “Top” podcasts?


Regardless of this definition, I want to manage which podcasts are displayed on my home screen.


Several users have provided feedback on this — and in particular, some users have unwittingly shared explicit podcasts with young children or family members. These people cannot dismiss/forget these podcasts from their home screen. Inappropriate and embarrassing. 


Allow Spotify users to manage which podcasts appear on “Your top podcasts.” 


Updated on 2020-06-22

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



If this idea is not implemented , I'll simply cancel. Forcing Podcast down in our throats it's simply not the way. Music is different.


How is it removing something from "you shows" wasn't a thing from the very start?!


Hey, look up my idea regarding this. Our posts keeps getting ignored


arte_nm, thanks for your post and effort.


How is it that you just say "Not right now" and forget about it? there are thousands of custumers asking for this (not just this post. Why on earth would you open this space if you're just gonna say "Not right now" even if thousands of users ask for something? This is absurd.


Huge PITA to not be able to remove a podcast I'm not following from my home page or recommendations in general.


I started to follow a specific podcast but a couple of episodes later I found out I actually hated it. So I decided to unfollow. But what a surprise: when some episode that I enjoy ends, Spotify plays the latest episode of that old podcast I ALREADY UNFOLLOWED. This is very frustrating. What is the point of following, tho? I just don't want automatically listen to podcasts I already tried AND DON'T LIKE ANYMORE. Is there any alternative?


The new "no interest" function really exists, but NOT on the home page, you have to click the "Music" or "Podcasts" tabs at the top first. There you can then click on "no interest" for each individual album or podcast.

Nice that there is finally this new function, but why so hidden and not simply on the home page? Typical Spotify.


Nobody uses those stupid tabs!!!

edit: ...and podcast episodes that are suggested to me as "episodes you're interested in", that's exactly where this "not interested" doesn't work...SPOTIFY, you just don't get it!!!!



"don't understand the appeal of Podcasts, they aren't for me, if i want to get lectured I'll tell my wife I sold the house and am buying a yacht."


best quote in this thread by far 🙂


This is EXTREMELY annoying

Im considering switching to another app. 

A podcast which I DO NOT WANT TO SEE keeps appearing and there is no way to remove it.