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[Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcasts” from mobile home screen

On the mobile app Home screen, “Your top podcasts” isn’t reflecting my most frequently used podcasts. It contains podcasts that I haven’t listened to recently, and yet it omits at least one of the podcasts to which I have listened recently.


How is Spotify defining “Top” podcasts?


Regardless of this definition, I want to manage which podcasts are displayed on my home screen.


Several users have provided feedback on this — and in particular, some users have unwittingly shared explicit podcasts with young children or family members. These people cannot dismiss/forget these podcasts from their home screen. Inappropriate and embarrassing. 


Allow Spotify users to manage which podcasts appear on “Your top podcasts.” 


Updated on 2020-06-22

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



The same can be said here for audiobooks. I want to be able to reject/hide audiobook suggestions.


I turned on Spotify on my Smart TV and I see The Joe Rogan Experience as a podcast that they recommend for me. I cannot get rid of this I want this deleted. Joe Rogan is an **bleep** and I don't want to see any of his content or his face on my account.


I listened to a podcast and it wasn't for me.  I don't want to see it on my homepage or recommendations. How can I remove or block it? We have this option with songs, and should with podcast also


I check out new podcasts from time to time and sometimes decide that one is not for me. Unfortunately they keep popping up on podcasts page. I would like the ability to only have podcasts I have subscribed to show ip, or at the very least allow me to personalize my own content settings by removing podcasts I have briefly listened to and don’t want anymore.


I can’t even contact Spotify to tell them I’m cancelling unless they sort it. Presumably I just leave and they won’t even bother asking why?


I came here to find a hopeful resolution to this podcast issue and this original post asking for a fix is from 2019?!

PLEASE. that's ridiculous. add the ability to remove and clean up / customize the homepage already -- thank you!


Just a reminder to Spotify that the tyrannical interface - an egregious design flaw - is its achilles heel, and nothing more so than the obnoxious display of podcast episodes I maybe heard once, accidentally, as it creeped into my automated playback. It is the SUPER ANNOYING FLY INCESSANTLY BUZZING AROUND MY HEAD AS I AM TRYING TO EAT MY LUNCH. I will move elsewhere to have my meal as soon as a viable competitor presents itself. 


In the ongoing procession of Spotify's evil plot to taint your music listening experience, they have reached a new low. Two events mark this low:
1) I talked to a rep about how to avoid podcasts on my home page, and when I asked "is my only option to look away?" they replied "At this time, yes." -- they want you to look away from their interface's primary page? 🤔

2) now, in the section that reads "your music is missing you" (in portuguese: "suas músicas estão com saudade"), what should I find but none other than Jordan Petersons decaying face staring at me. That's not music, that's a horror movie. 











... And that brings me to my main reflection, and this is VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND



This is an assault on music. It used to be you could put a vinyl on the record without having to think about the complaints of disgruntled elites or the latest tragic world event -- in fact, you got the vinyl out TO GET AWAY FROM IT ALL. Now, if I want to drift off to "For Emma, Forever Ago," I will have to first move through furrowed faces of people who definitely think they know better than me. 


Thanks Spotify, for securing all the music and then holding it hostage. 


They don't need to pay most podcasters by stream and they get revenue from Ads. That's why they try to make us listen to as many podcasts as possible. But at least premium-users should be able to hide what they don't want to see. I am a paying customer and I don't wanna see every shitty podcast which I checked for 20 seconds!



Spotify forcing their podcasts to show up on your homepage all the time is getting really annoying. Why does everything have to turn into a big **bleep**ing advertising billboard? Users pay to avoid that, but nope! More money for Spotify through the loophole of annoying ads in crappy podcasts! Spotify of course needs that money to make more shitty deals instead of paying artists, so that's great.