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[Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcasts” from mobile home screen

On the mobile app Home screen, “Your top podcasts” isn’t reflecting my most frequently used podcasts. It contains podcasts that I haven’t listened to recently, and yet it omits at least one of the podcasts to which I have listened recently.


How is Spotify defining “Top” podcasts?


Regardless of this definition, I want to manage which podcasts are displayed on my home screen.


Several users have provided feedback on this — and in particular, some users have unwittingly shared explicit podcasts with young children or family members. These people cannot dismiss/forget these podcasts from their home screen. Inappropriate and embarrassing. 


Allow Spotify users to manage which podcasts appear on “Your top podcasts.” 


Updated on 2020-06-22

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



It is staggering to me that Spotify will simply not fix this.  Users are paying for this service and have been asking to have control over lists like 'Your top podcast' for some years and you have ignored it.  You put users in very difficult positions with, in some cases explicit and offensive suggestions being made which will simply not disappear, no matter now may podcasts listened to.


I had an really insulting and frankly upsetting chat interaction with one of the folks from Spotify today.  I realise it isn't their fault and that their responses were due to the inflexible and moronic policies of Spotify.


Sort it out!


I also cannot accept the "Not Right Now"!
Once listened into a podcast, stopped following it and now it's is omnipresent on all my home screens (Android, Desktop aso). Maybe Spotify gets money to highlight podcasts as "top"? Because other podcasts I listened to are not listed in "My Top Podcasts". Reason to quit...


Spotify team its been like an entire year. This thread has over the required limit and is still not implemented. How hard is it??? GET ON IT SPOTIFY STAFF. DONT BE LAZY.


It's just unbelievable how you're handling this. I'm definitely gonna look into an alternative to Spotify - not that this specifically is a huge deal - it's more about how you're handling your paying customers. This suggestion has enough upvotes for a you to do something about it, but you're just waving it away. The fun thing is that we're not really asking about a new feature - just that you would remove something we don't want.


This is close to the issue I have Musicgirl3.  We all have logins coz we pay for the family option but it's MY profile which is the default on the TVs, Sonos, Alexa etc. Leaving aside that an item just appeared one day which they can access,  it's not even marked E for explicit which it most certainly is.

yeah Youtube Music? What other alternatives can we marked via this platform
on Spotify? Maybe then Spotify will listen, they have become arrogant.

Then I'm using stitcher this is ridiculous.I've been on Spotify for years and two have to browse through two pages to get to the one I actually want to listen to and have eight of them I don't want anything to do with ever in my lifetime is the opposite of customer service and especially for a paying member. You guys used to be really good but it's honestly not worth my time without basic functionality on the playlist. Good luck with that


Perhaps screenshots of Spotify promoting explicit content within a paid family account via their Top Podcasts section will help to goad them into action? Maybe they just need to become visually aware of how absurd it is to automatically, and without permission, throw explicit content (via some poorly written algorithm) into the forefront of a main page that children have access to? For a company to ignore this amount of feedback on any particular topic is absurd, and fantastically tone-deaf. I will be canceling my subscription within the next two months of Spotify doesn't remediate this issue. You're more than welcome to promote whatever you want, so long as I'm not paying you anything. 


give us an option to turn off podcast


Yep. This is annoying.  It won’t even let me vote.