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[Mobile] [Other] Smart Shuffle toggle setting in settings menu

Smart shuffle is a fun way to discover new songs, but it comes at a cost. Want to reshuffle your queue? Bam, wait a few seconds longer. Want to unshuffle your playlist? Bam, no longer works, and goes to a completely random place in the playlist.


To me this is an unwanted complication, and I'd much rather be able to choose in the settings menu whether I want to enable the Smart Shuffle feature, or disable it.

Updated on 2023-05-01

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Do you really understand our problem? It is a very bad UX to toggle with one button across 3 functions? And each time you need to wait for this bug to turn on and off. I am not using Spotify anymore due (and only due to) this. I want to shuffle my songs several times until I can get a better order. NO other weird songs included and no waiting in between. Well for me it’s done with Spotify until I can turn it off 


It still keeps re-enabling itself and I don't like this feature. Please fix your software so we can actually Disable Smart Shuffle!!! I like Spotify over Apple Music, but I may have to cancel my family plan and move to Apple or Amazon music. Fix this NOW! 


F&:$2&2$ this feature. 


Piece**bleep** idea from a mind of aomeone who never listens to music


Just have it as an opt-in option. 

Or some way to cancel it


Why doea this even needs to be a suggestion. 


How the **bleep** do you release a feature without a toggle button. 

It's a no brainer an the easiest thing to add. 


But I guess you couldn't care less of your customers



Made this d**n account just to vote. Been using Spotify for a decade and have been fine with every dumb update until SMART SHUFFLE. 


Bring back the true random shuffle and give us a toggle for smart shuffle. 


Vote #1,999


I ended up contacting customer support about this smart shuffle issue, and they basically advised me to cancel my subscription if I don't want it as a permanent feature. They even said that I am "just" on a family plan, therefore it wouldn't be a big deal for them. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT WE THINK!! If you're considering cancelling, I'd say just do it. Spotify doesn't deserve our business with a bad attitude like that


I've blocked Beyonce 'Texas Hold-Em' from playing, as you can see below. I've gone back & blocked Beyonce (who I like). I've blocked Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, (all of whom I liked) etc. Stop playing them over & over. You have a Search button if I like the music.



I absolutely DETEST smart shuffle. Even if I didn’t, how dare you force me to default to listening to your music every time I play my own playlists. Forcing me to then have to turn something off I didn’t ask for in the first place. This is the worst Spotify feature ever and as ridiculous / poorly thought out / as hated as Apple loading U2 onto everyone’s iPhones without their permission. Tell me, why would I pay money to you for a music platform which I then spend endless hours curating my own playlists on only for you to force feed me your own garbage suggestions? Turn it off Spotify, it really is enough to make me walk away from your platform after years of use 


I took time out of my busy day to join the chorus of frustrated users demanding a definitive way to turn off Smart Shuffle. I work in software development and I would be shocked if adding a toggle in Preferences were more than a day's work, including QA and deployment. C'mon Spotify!


Same boat. Smart shuffle feature is anything but, and is quite annoying. The fact that it now turns itself on and you cannot get rid of it is an intrusive plague. Please, please, please either create a way to manually disable or get rid of it all together. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the app twice.


I can't even reduce the window, collapse, close/open or anything without the damn smart shuffle turning on, even when shuffle is turned off. Freaking nightmare zombie function at this point.


Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)