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[Mobile] [Other] Smart Shuffle toggle setting in settings menu

Smart shuffle is a fun way to discover new songs, but it comes at a cost. Want to reshuffle your queue? Bam, wait a few seconds longer. Want to unshuffle your playlist? Bam, no longer works, and goes to a completely random place in the playlist.


To me this is an unwanted complication, and I'd much rather be able to choose in the settings menu whether I want to enable the Smart Shuffle feature, or disable it.

Updated on 2023-05-01

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Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Please remove the smart shuffle function at least to the side menu. I will always turn it off but then on the next track it comes back on. It's very annoying especially when in car mode. It should be a feature you choose to turn on. Not one you have to disable after each track. Thanks 


I have emailed spotify customer support about this multiple times. 


I can't believe that this is a feature they STILL have not added yet. 


I will never want random songs added into my playlists and I absolutely hate how long it takes to disable the "smart shuffle" toggle when I'm in an area with bad connectivity. I will sometimes have to force quit the app, go into airplane mode, then reopen the app just to disable "smart shuffle." 


This is one of the worst decisions I have seen the Spotify Team make. They already had a feature where they give you listening options, then they say no lets get rid of the button that's impossible to miss and put it somewhere where you can click it without knowing. Personally just go back to how it was. If I want your recommendations then I'll just hit the enhance button, if I don't then don't put it in a place where it is a very miniscule change that I would not catch if not for the fact that it plays stuff that doesn't fit the playlist.


Up til today the smart shuffle would not come on unless I requested it.
But now the "smart" shuffle overrides my own preference as soon as I swap between different views or screens in Spotify.

This must surely be a bug. Fix it soon, or I have to get another music and podcast streaming app.


It's been almost a month since my last comment.

I was a Spotify user for 10+ years but they finally managed to make me change to another music app, I'm now using Youtube Music and enjoying very much.


Over all these years I've seen many changes I didn't enjoy and even thought "why??", but never one that actually ruined my experience listening to music. What baffles me the most is how the Spotify product team seems to have forgotten their basic product. To have a good experience listening to music you must be able to "play", "pause", "go to next", "go to previous", basics, and then as a paying user we are able to choose if we want "regular order" or "shuffle order", that's it! You don't mess with these options and this flow.


The "enhance" feature created a while ago made total sense, a separate button that you could select to add suggestions to the playlist you were listening. A >SEPARATE< option. But to add a new click every time I want to change from regular to shuffle? Who the **** are you hiring as product people and UX designers, the most basic concept is that the most frequent actions should be able to be completed in the least amount of clicks.

And of course to make it all even worse it's a click/action that demands internet to download the suggestions and takes about 5 seconds to enable and another 5 seconds to disable, that's with good internet connection, otherwise it just get's stuck and your loss if you wanted to change your playlist order.


So one last time I'm writing here my thoughts and opinions, I do hope something is done about this soon so I can reconsider going back to Spotify, until then, that's one less paying user for you.


Please let users permanently disable smart shuffle. Just because you want us to shuffle, doesn’t mean we want that. I’ve been with Spotify for almost a decade and now I’m considering moving to another service because it’s constantly trying to shuffle my liked songs. 

To top it off, your car play integration’s shuffle button doesn’t show smart shuffle, and tapping it to turn shuffle off does not turn shuffle off.








Yes, sometimes I turn it to regular shuffle but it skips to smart shuffle anyway. This is especially if I'm driving and I don't want to look at my phone


I agree. Customers prefer to have a streamlined range of content. They go hopping mad if they can't turn it off. 


When I turn on Shuffle with my Liked Songs and advance the song by one, SMART SHUFFLE turns itself on AUTOMATICALLY without me asking it to.  I CANNOT LISTEN TO MY LIKED SONGS ON SHUFFLE.  This is such B.S. Spotify.  Get over yourselves and give us back REGULAR SHUFFLE.  Jesus.


The following are artists I MIGHT like but I've blocked them from my list because you're forcing them upon us.