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[Mobile] [Other] Smart Shuffle toggle setting in settings menu

Smart shuffle is a fun way to discover new songs, but it comes at a cost. Want to reshuffle your queue? Bam, wait a few seconds longer. Want to unshuffle your playlist? Bam, no longer works, and goes to a completely random place in the playlist.


To me this is an unwanted complication, and I'd much rather be able to choose in the settings menu whether I want to enable the Smart Shuffle feature, or disable it.

Updated on 2023-05-01

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Smart shuffle is now the default for me. I wanted a way to turn it off because it messed up my normal shuffle but now it’s even the default. We’re paying for a music streaming service to listen to music WE want to hear. This isn’t a radio, just let me pick what I want to hear without having to constantly reach over while I’m driving to skip a song or turn off smart shuffle. It is unnecessary, annoying, dangerous, and frankly, not what I paid for. Please just add a feature in settings to disable it. Literally about to move to Apple Music because of it. 


Constant price increases and I have only noticed a decrease in my enjoyment while using the app. Spotify served all my needs perfectly when I first got premium 7+ years ago, stop adding stuff for the sake of innovation. 


And another thing... When smart shuffle is on, my songs from local files are not available. I want to listen to them, so don't activate smart shuffle automatically.


Hate this feature, give me an option to turn it off permanently. I made the playlist I don’t want your BS added to it.


I really can’t believe there still isn’t an option to toggle this (terrible) “feature” on/off. Spotify already curates and creates a ton of playlists for me so I don’t need suggestions on MY playlists every time I put one of them on shuffle.


Ended my affiliation with Spotify, moved to Apple Music. Sound quality is better! And they don't pretend to care what we think about unwanted features lol, idk why they even have this community forum


I NEVER want Smart Shuffle when I click shuffle, and it ruins my listening experience. Please give users the option to turn it off or disable it entirely.

The fact that this issue has been complained about for years now with no change is unfathomable.



remove smart shuffle recommendations! I made the playlist for a reason!!!!! So annoying when you choose a playlist based on mood and then you get a song you’ve never heard before and know for a fact you didn’t put on that playlist. 


alright, screw it. Deezer it is. I'm cancelling my duo premium after 10+ years of spotify.


Leaving Spotify now due to this.  It’s been too long, too many requests for this ‘feature’ to be removed and allow the users to enjoy the music they like without marketing influence.  Adios Spotify.  Good luck.