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[Mobile][Playlists] 'Add to playlist' sort order should be custom

In the latest Spotify library redesign, when I try to add a song to a playlist, the modal that opens sorts my playlists in a seemingly random order. This is very annoying since I have a mix of many playlists/folders in a specific custom order, and now finding the correct playlist to add a song has become a pain. This has only become a problem in the latest update, and worked perfectly in previous Spotify versions. I think that the order of the playlists in the "Add to playlist" dialog should follow the same order as the main Playlists tab - that is, if I have my playlists sorted by custom, the dialog should be sorted the same way.

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


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Why can't/won't Spotify just fix this problem?  It never used to be like this.  Trying to add songs to playlists is ridiculously time consuming because it currently isn't possible to alphabetise or customise the order in which playlists appear.  This is the single most annoying and useless thing about Spotify.  Who cares about adding it as an idea and hoping to get likes in order for Spotify to fix it?  Just fix it.  It's infuriating.  


I can't believe how long this problem has been going on.  Each time I see an update us due for Spotify, I keep hoping that someone there will sort this out.  But so far nothing.


It's almost as if they're all sitting up in their offices somewhere in Sweden, laughing away:  "Look at all these helpless little Spotify listeners, trying to organise their music, paying us all this money, knowing they won't quit Spotify and try another streaming service because they've already spent years loading up their playlists."  "Let's change the page layout, design, fonts.  Give them options that haven't been requested, but don't fix this."  "Hey, I know how to really annoy the customers on the forum:  Let's tell them they have to have a certain number of likes before we'll look at the problem.  Then we'll adapt their question and tell them the likes count starts at zero again.  Ha ha it's so funny."



So when is this happening? The add to playlist overview is starting to become absolutely and unavoidably aggravating. Fix your cucking doodoo, Spotify. There's nothing logical going on here. 


I don't understand how this bug/behavior was even generated? I mean is the call to the meta data regarding the list structure not the same across all portals, and does that record not get updated across all portals? I mean since the order is saved on one portal, why not all? I also don't find the recently used playlist shot up out of order to the top of the stack helpful. I think users with extensive amount of playlists spend so much time carefully organized their collection, then for them to go outside and see their lists in disarray is just messed up. I'm a paid user, but I'm not sure for how long if every time I want to find a playlist that's supposed to be in position x, but now is in position a-1 on mobile/tablet, and then I have no choice but to resort to search feature. Might be time to look for an alternative service. 😞

I agree. I tried DM-ing @spotifycares last week. They are just nice to you
but essentially ignored what I was saying, suggesting I raised it as an
"idea", then annoyingly telling me "thanks and if there's anything else
please just ask". I don't think they listen to this stuff. It's their
product and they do what they want with it. I love spotify but this tiny
issue bugs me on a daily basis, and would be trivially fixed with a search
box or just allowing the playlists to be sorted in "custom order".

@cuban_pete, I think they'll start to listen (or delete the thread in which) when someone shares a competitor's product that offers everything they do plus none of these ludicrous UX/UI limitations which have no reason for existing. It's like the devs get to 95% of spec requirement and then say: "close enough," and peace out.


I've had the same kind of response from their support team. It's pretty lame and I wish they would take a hint! 


Thanks Spotify for fixing this problem.  It's been a week or so since it changed back to being customised.  Even in these times of lockdown from coronavirus, I'm loving being able to add songs to playlists in alphabetical order.  Thanks for doing this simple tweak back to what Spotify used to be like.  You've change my life in a small but significant way.  


Reading my previous comments on this issue, I must have been pretty frustrated to write on this forum.  I reckon "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  So please keep this feature forever!


In mine the problem remains. Updated and all.

Frustration is nothing but the word that defines it.


Yes, I can't see any change like user Wadereeve1 is describing, it is still as bugged as ever.

I am using the Android client, perhaps they are not.


So Spotify, we are coming closer to the first anniversary of this bug.

It would be interesting to see how you are thinking about this?