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[Mobile][Playlists] Reinstate “Last Updated” on playlists

As from version 8.5.46 on IOS, you can no longer swipe left to find out when a playlist was last updated.


Can this feature be reinstated as it’s really quick useful way to check large playlists and when they were last updated.

Updated on 2021-07-01

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Why was this ever removed? Like many have said, this is literally going backwards for Spotify. I loved this option and it makes me extremely upset to see it dissappear. It was especially great for the playlist I've had made for me to check on when they've been updated, bc sometimes I don't remember the last added song. I also just really love knowing how often playlists are updated and if me or others are adding new music to them or not. Bring it back, it never should have been removed! Spotify is getting more difficult to use recently, not easier 


Very interested in this feature returning - thanks!



Really miss this feature, can't understand why it was removed! 



It's almost 2 years.  Any update on this?

There is one spotify playlist I listen to only gets updated like every 2/3 months. It sucks not being able to tell if it been updated or not on mobile.

  • I'm guessing Spotify won't be bringing this feature back, I've lost faith and taken my money over to Apple Music. Such a shame you don't listen to your loyal customers, but then why would you bother...after all its OUR MONEY that keeps you in business! 

I am disappointed in spotify for removing this information and hope that there will be at least some way for users to access it going forward.