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[Mobile][Playlists] Reinstate “Last Updated” on playlists

As from version 8.5.46 on IOS, you can no longer swipe left to find out when a playlist was last updated.


Can this feature be reinstated as it’s really quick useful way to check large playlists and when they were last updated.

Updated on 2021-07-01

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please being this feature back. I’ve missed it greatly the last couple of months. It is very helpful to know when the playlist have been updated. 


I am a keen follower of new music. I follow a number of playlists that I find new tracks on and add them to my own playlist. This used to be an easy process on my iPhone app whereby I would open a playlist and see when it was last updated. The ones that had been updated recently I could then listen to and find the new tracks and add them to my library / playlist.


Since the last update, playlists no longer show the date they were last updated so it’s hard to know if they have added new music since I last listened to a particular playlist. Would there be any possibility that this very small but very vital feature is added back on to the interface of a playlist on the iPhone?


Please Reinstate “Last Updated” on Spotify playlists


Please bring this feature back quickly. How am I supposed to know how updated a playlist is? How am I supposed to know when I created a playlist? i.e, does this playlist I'm looking at have newly released/newly added music, or does it only consist of songs from many months ago? If I'm looking at a community-created playlist, how am I to know that it hasn't been updated recently and is full of stale music? I don't understand why Spotify removed this essential feature which has been a part of its service for the past several years and am borderline angry that this feature is gone.


Come on guys, this really is such an important issue to many. How difficult would it be to add it next to where it shows total running time of the playlist or at the bottom like album release dates are shown? This information is far more important than seeing how many likes a playlist has, but this is shown along the top line!


I don’t even know why Spotify decided to remove this feature. Seriously? Are you guys trying to destroy the app? Spotify team is removing anything different and nice their app has to offer. Seems like they’re boycotting themselves or don’t even use spotify at all . 


But also on all devices

Length and number of songs


I also want to have this feature back. Why you removed this? 🤔


I hope your next update will include this feature! I didn't even knew it was removed. Why?? Spotify is all about playlists so it's like a basic feature to see date of last update. Now I have to go to desktop app to see it. Why are you making it so difficult? 


I'm so mad and frustrated that this was taken away.  I don't have any idea why you'd want to get rid of it.