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[Mobile][Playlists] Remove Apple Watch 50 Song Limit

I am so grateful that we finally can download Spotify playlists on the Apple Watch, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that there is a 50 song limit per playlist. I’m not sure if that is on purpose for formatting or storage concerns, but I would love to see that limit removed so that I can download full playlists to my Watch and listen to all my music without having to have my phone on me. 

Updated on 2021-10-20

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I looked at Apple music and even in apple music you can download a max of 250 songs onto your watch. Way more reasonable than 50.


Yet another piece of programming that leaves watch users baffled. 50 song limit, no 🔎 feature, no way to only show offline content, no playlist titles making it impossible to find a spesific playlist among many (on Tizen) ...


Especially the offline content features are baffling taking into account how little is needed to have them provide a great user experience 🙃


Remove the song limit. it's ridic. I have one main playlist I like to listen to when exercising and it's 150 tracks, it's also annoying that the 50 songs are the oldest tracks i am kind of tired of at the top of the playlist, whereas the bottom recent additions don't make this "cut". Please REMOVE this limitation asap. I was already looking into switching to apple music over this and I have never ever been interested in their product-until recently when I got an apple watch for fitness purposes.



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Updated on 2021-07-11

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as 'New Suggestion'.
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I only got up to 46 songs… not 50 😖


Do something about this! Need it done

Status changed to: Good Suggestion

Updated on 2021-07-15

Hey! Looks like that your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues to be supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your idea. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Thanks for liking and commenting! Glad we all feel the same way about this. We just hit Good Suggestion so maybe this thing will go somewhere!


great idea- please remove these 50 song limits. We’ve been super patient and are so close to getting this game changer for the watch. Thank you Spotify!


what really bugs me about this is that Spotify offered no explanation whatsoever for the reasoning behind this limit. I love this company and want to see it succeed, but sometimes they really make me scratch my head and wonder why they're acting the way they are.

They released this feature after YEARS of waiting for it, and when they do, they cripple it without offering any explanation as to why. Is this because record labels are afraid of piracy and not being paid for listens? Explain it. Or are you under contract to not be allowed to talk about this? Explain that then. 
Anything but radio silence.