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[Mobile] Rearrange Playlists on Mobile

Please include an option for users to manually rearrange playlists on mobile. 

See attached picture for more details.



Updated on 2021-06-07

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User functionality of playlists could be greatly improved by hold and drag ordering. Probably on the Song or Album thumbnail.


I’d like to arrange my playlists in a customised order. I don’t want my house music mixed up with my dnb music. It would be nice to drag playlists in an order I wish from top to bottom. I don’t know how Spotify still doesn't have this feature on iPhone to me it seems such a basic requirement when listening to music. 


so funny how this thread is years old and when the idea is so simple when it comes to basic ui design. The fact that this has not been added yet is mind-blowingly stupid. I didn't even know you could order your playlists until I opened spotify on my computer and was surprised that the playlists reordered on my phone.