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[Mobile] Remove current Song from Playlist



This is a usability improvement for the Mobile devices. Sometimes I want to remove songs from a playlist. This is currently quite a long task to perform on the mobile device.


  1. I first have to select the right playlist.
  2. Then I have to locate the song, which is not listed alphabetically. They are listed in the order I built the playlist with the oldest first and newest last.Some of my playlists have up to 900 songs in them and scrolling slowly can be difficult and timeconsuming.
  3. Then click on the "pencil" icon and  delete the track I don't want.

I think it would be a better user experience if we could delete songs as easy as it is to add them to a playlist. 


So here's a suggestion for the mobile app, look there's even a space for it on the info page! Smiley LOL


Spotify Delete Track Idea






UPDATE 3 June 2017

I have been contacted by user eviljojo22 who has developed a Plugin that creates a playlist named "Remove from Spotify" and every 45 minutes minutes it deletes every song in it and also in every playlist in which that same song appears (which may not be what you want). However, this is an option that may help you before Spotify gets round to providing this very simple function. Good luck (and Thank you EvilJojo22)

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UPDATE 7 February 2019

I have been contacted by user bamboony who has developed an android app that might solve the problem in the short term:



UPDATE 15 February 2022

They delivered! This feature now exists. Click the three dots while playing a track and select the option "Remove from this Playlist"


Updated on 2022-07-19

Hey folks, 


If you'd like to remove the song that's currently playing on Android devices, you can quickly get to it by tapping the title of the playlist (located in the top center of the screen). This will open the playlist and the current song will be highlighted in green. From there, you can tap the three-dot menu and select "Remove from this playlist". 

Capture1.PNG           Capture2.PNG 


We'll keep this idea open and if there are any updates about adding a remove song button to the menu on the 'Now Playing View' or if we have some news regarding this option on iOS devices, we'll post them here. Remember that you can still add your votes here if this is something you'd like to see in the future.



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Music Fan

If the song is currently playing, on Android, on the Now Playing screen, you can tap the name of the playlist at the top of the screen, and you'll get taken to the playlist, and it'll scroll down to the song that is currently playing, and select it.


On iOS, this doesn't happen. All they need to do is make it work the same way on iOS.


Spotify's weakness is keeping all their apps on all their various platforms in sync.


It's the weakness of most companies, when their employees have to work together and stay in sync. Different people work on each app, I'm sure.


Or just swipe them from right to left for deleting like normal APPLE logic ?


but I tried to contact Spotify several times.  They r more focused to close cases quick or tell u where to put them instead of solving this kinda important issue. 


This makes me think about to change to Apple Music.  Apple understands service ... way better 





In İtunes songs are very easy to remove from playlist. Why Spotify can not make removal from iphone as easy is not understandable.


 2017, still not possible. Premium user from the start here.


I just want to delete a song from my playlist  All I see when I click on the 3 dots is:  Save, Add to Playlist (which the song is already in my playlist) Add to Queue, Share - that's it, how can I simply delete a song off my playlist?

Ok, you have to go to the ''3 dots" to the far right of your PLAYLIST
TITLE... not the 3 dots next to the song that is playing. Here you will
find a menu with the option to "EDIT". Pressing the edit function with give
you the ability remove any or all songs in that playlist

Hope this helps

@Ralan1 that's always been there.  The problem with that is in a playlist of 300 tracks you have to scroll through all of them to find the one highlighted one that you want to delete.  Where we're proposing that the current song you've decided you don't like any more, and just want to quickly remove it.


I know that, but to remove a song from playlist one has to scroll true hundreds of songs sometimes thousands to find a playing song and remove it. IMPRACTICAL.

how about just swipe and remove or add it to three dots menu next to song.

@Ralan1 I guess you did not understand the problem at all ... what you are saying is only possible with a playlist of max 15-20 songs ... a normal Spotify Playlist is usually muchg longer ... so the user experience here is really really BAD BAD BAD SAD ... you always just can fill fill fill playlists but never fast and smart clean them and keep them updated. I am already looking for alternatives to Spotify just because of issues like that one. Quick delete is a MUST imho


He is absolutely right. 

Is it so difficult to fix the issue of removing songs from the playlist while the song is being played. 

So strange!!