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This is a usability improvement for the Mobile devices. Sometimes I want to remove songs from a playlist. This is currently quite a long task to perform on the mobile device.


  1. I first have to select the right playlist.
  2. Then I have to locate the song, which is not listed alphabetically. They are listed in the order I built the playlist with the oldest first and newest last.Some of my playlists have up to 900 songs in them and scrolling slowly can be difficult and timeconsuming.
  3. Then click on the "pencil" icon and  delete the track I don't want.

I think it would be a better user experience if we could delete songs as easy as it is to add them to a playlist. 


So here's a suggestion for the mobile app, look there's even a space for it on the info page! Smiley LOL


Spotify Delete Track Idea






UPDATE 3 June 2017

I have been contacted by user eviljojo22 who has developed a Plugin that creates a playlist named "Remove from Spotify" and every 45 minutes minutes it deletes every song in it and also in every playlist in which that same song appears (which may not be what you want). However, this is an option that may help you before Spotify gets round to providing this very simple function. Good luck (and Thank you EvilJojo22)

Connect on https://spotify-playlist.eivo.fr



UPDATE 7 February 2019

I have been contacted by user bamboony who has developed an android app that might solve the problem in the short term:


Updated on 2019-07-09

Hey Folks, 


Since 2012, there are a couple of features that speed up removing songs from playlists. 


On Android, you can find tracks quickly by clicking the three dot menu in the playlist and heading to the 'Find in Playlist' option - this will bring a search bar where you can type the name of the song or artist. On iPhone, you can find the search bar by pulling down on the Playlist screen. Once you've found the track, you can click the three dots next to the song and click 'Remove from this Playlist' - even whilst the track is playing. The song will continue, but be removed from the playlist. 



















From the playlist menu you can also sort your playlist by Title, Recently Added, Artist, Album or Custom. 


We'll keep this idea open and if there are any updates about adding a remove song button to the menu on the 'Now Playing View', we'll post them here. 




This needs to happen!

I like added every album of an artist and then removing the song I dont like. 

This allows me to fulley listen to an artist.

I have this system on itunes and it works well for me.


This request was posted 2 years ago and I think it is a quick fix as a developer, so come on Spotify!


OMG Spotify why are you not doing what you are expected to do!


The delete function "swipe" from l to r or from r to l was available, and now it's gone! Why do we need to scroll a playlist select edit and then delete? it is so frustrating, we are living in 2014 not in the year 2000!!!

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I think I understand why this request is being ignored.


Could it be that Spotify's contracts with the music industry is somehow based on including a song in a playlist and not for the number of times a song is played?


I'm no longer standing by and waiting for them to implement this ... I'm going to start deleting my unwanted songs from my playlists tonight. I doubt it will serve to prioritise this  requirement. But it might get their attention.

I TOTALLY agree! This is a feature that is laughably absent in a music service that is lauded for its awesome playlists. Please, Spotify, add this feature ASAP!! The only "solution" I've managed to come up with, in the interim, was to create a separate playlist to add the tracks I'd like to remove from my current playlist. That way I can easily keep track of them, and just use that list as a reference guide to remove them later when I have more time. Hope this helps others out until Spotify formally addresses this issue.

I'm surprised that this is still an issue. I've basically been doing the same thing as Macatron then when I'm on my computer, deleting from the playlist. 

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Is this ever going to be implemented?


An alternative would be a 'go to current song in playlist' function would help. Then the current method of removing the song would be fine.

Update for y'all. Google Music has a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down on the Android platform which will remove the song. I can't use the star function because I have my phone clipped to my motorcycle handlebars and listen with a Bluetooth headset while driving/commuting. My gloves can't do the star thing easily, but I can hit the Thumbs Down button. It has been a lifesaver. I dump several albums into a playlist and now I can remove the ones I don't like while I am riding. Google Music doesn't have good social networking capabilities, no equalizer, and no crossfade, but it has all the same music and a decent music player. I ported all my Spotify playlists to Google using a third party tool called PyPortify using my Ubunto virtual machine. I just switched over and I am happier now. If Sputter-fy gets this fixed I will probably move back, but for now I am on Google. I know some people don't consider this a show-stopper, but it was for me because I ride my motorcycle everywhere.

still waiting after nearly four years...

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I tweeted this to Spotify the other day. The response was not too promising. https://twitter.com/SpotifyCares/status/690476966814826496




I absolutely agree that Spotify is definetly in the need of a simpler way of deleting song(s). Right now it´s a unecessary long process of several clicks. Why not just do as we do in the mail in ios - by sliding the finger to either direction and you get the possibility to delete the melody in a simple fashion?


And one more thing. Will it ever happen anything about this issue? I see that this question was raised in 2012.. I can´t see much progress here so why even bother to cast a vote.


Wake up Spotify