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This is a usability improvement for the Mobile devices. Sometimes I want to remove songs from a playlist. This is currently quite a long task to perform on the mobile device.


  1. I first have to select the right playlist.
  2. Then I have to locate the song, which is not listed alphabetically. They are listed in the order I built the playlist with the oldest first and newest last.Some of my playlists have up to 900 songs in them and scrolling slowly can be difficult and timeconsuming.
  3. Then click on the "pencil" icon and  delete the track I don't want.

I think it would be a better user experience if we could delete songs as easy as it is to add them to a playlist. 


So here's a suggestion for the mobile app, look there's even a space for it on the info page! Smiley LOL


Spotify Delete Track Idea






UPDATE 3 June 2017

I have been contacted by user eviljojo22 who has developed a Plugin that creates a playlist named "Remove from Spotify" and every 45 minutes minutes it deletes every song in it and also in every playlist in which that same song appears (which may not be what you want). However, this is an option that may help you before Spotify gets round to providing this very simple function. Good luck (and Thank you EvilJojo22)

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UPDATE 7 February 2019

I have been contacted by user bamboony who has developed an android app that might solve the problem in the short term:

Updated on 2019-07-09

Hey Folks, 


Since 2012, there are a couple of features that speed up removing songs from playlists. 


On Android, you can find tracks quickly by clicking the three dot menu in the playlist and heading to the 'Find in Playlist' option - this will bring a search bar where you can type the name of the song or artist. On iPhone, you can find the search bar by pulling down on the Playlist screen. Once you've found the track, you can click the three dots next to the song and click 'Remove from this Playlist' - even whilst the track is playing. The song will continue, but be removed from the playlist. 



















From the playlist menu you can also sort your playlist by Title, Recently Added, Artist, Album or Custom. 


We'll keep this idea open and if there are any updates about adding a remove song button to the menu on the 'Now Playing View', we'll post them here. 




In ios I see when at the top of the list one must scroll up further ah hah


so basically Spotify doesn't care to add such an easy and claimed solution instead disregard a 4-year post with so many followers and answers a different thing with existing features we all know about ?



Hey folks,

the app has been away a little while from the play store

- there was some administrative issue -

so I took (also with the help of some Corona-time)

the opportunity to work on the issues people raised,

I just released version 10 (it will be available on the play store soon),


thanks for all the feedback and good ideas I could use!




This would still be super helpful! The 'Find in Playlist' feature is nice but it means that you still have to leave the now playing view, type in the song or artist name, and then look for the specific song and delete it. It works fine but it's inconvenient when you are listening to music doing something active because then you have to stop whatever you are doing to delete the song and at that point it is just way easier to skip the song a bunch of times than to delete it.

Exactly! And that is what I almost inevitably do… just continue to skip the song time and time again. It should be two taps… tap on the 3 dots, then tap on DELTE FROM THIS PLAYLIST, simple as that. Thanks for your reply.

is there someone influent here with a lot of followers on twitter ? just post that feed who exists since 10 years and ask what the **bleep** is doing spotify ?? if they care about their customers ? who pay each month so that artists can live !


For sure would be nice. I vote to be able to do that. A bit of a hassle to do the find before

there is a delete option. Would be SWEET!

Casual Listener

To add this feature seemslime a no-brainer to me.


I'm guessing song plays are monetised in some way. When we skip the song because its too inconvenient to remove it from the playlist, that probably generates a small but steady revenue for Spotify.


multiply that by a million people. A million people skipping, or listening to a song they no longer like or added by mistake because its too awkward to remove. 


I'm betting that is the reason 'remove from playlist' option is not included in the context menu where is clearly should be.


Something about that design choice leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Never thought about it that way, but that may very well be part of it. Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

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