[Mobile] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button

Hi, I tried out your new design, which I have mixed feelings about, but nevermind that. The most annoying thing I come over in the new Spotify (for iPhone by the way) is the dumb, big, overlapping, unnecessary shuffle play button that pops up everywhere. Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Could at least had add an option for it. Also, it doesn't look streamlined at all with the current design. Did it even occur that not everyone wants a shuffle play button?

Updated on 2018-01-05

Hi everyone, Spotify staff here. We want to let you know that while we're keeping a close eye on the growth of this idea, it is still "Not Right Now" for us. We definitely want your feedback on the iOS design and so please continue leaving your comments on the shuffle button here. If we have any plans to revisit the Shuffle button design or remove it we will let you know here. Thank you!


The shuffleplay button is ridiculously huge on android. I will never use it yet have to navigate around it constantly. Its just worthless. Why does Spotify seem to always have so much trouble creating usable designs for something so simple. The UI is always cluttered with stupid nonsense nobody wants. Its like Spotify delights in tormenting its paying users.

Casual Listener

It’s gone! Thank you!



Seriously? Its gone at last?

If others can confirm that it has actually gone (even if only on Premium) I may be coming back

It's still there on my app, but I think it sits on top of the list of
songs, under the artwork, instead of permanently at the top, dominating the
entire screen. It's better than before.
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Oh no. It’s still a shuffle button. It just looks like a Play button (with a little shuffle icon at the lower right). This is crazy. When I first tried it, it shuffled to the first song by luck. I had assumed that it was a multi-function thing. 
well, at least it takes up a little less space. I still don’t get the obsession with shuffle though. 


Yes it is. We are making progress. But still a small shuffle button next to it. Which can be hit by accident. Still needs work Spotify. Just a play button will do. Thank you.

I don't see any change on Android, maybe only on Ios ? (for the moment ?)

I think they moved it down on Android to be above the song list rather than
dominating the whole screen at the top. It looks better to me.

I've always seen it where it sits now, between artwork and song list... anyway, it's still here, hope they'll update Android app soon with the new/apple layout


I'm sure there are metrics to back up why these changes persist, but I purchased Spotify Premium because I loved the app. Every new update adds nothing I like and removes something I do like.  When I look for an album, I want to play it, not shuffle it!