[Mobile] See all Songs on Artist Page

Dear spotify,


First of all, thanks for your awesome service! I really enjoy my premium account on my desktop and iPhone version and use it at home and wherever I go. However there's something that bothers me often while searching for a song, especially on the iPhone version.


I often search for a song of a specific artist. So I use the search function and reach the artist's page. Once there, the app only shows the 5 most popular songs of the artist. But often the song I'm looking for is not listed there (maybe nr 6 on the list or lower). Now I have the option of searching through the albums, which can be quite time consuming, or try to use the search function again and hope to find it with a more specific combination of words (provided that I know anything more than the artist's name).


Now every time I get to this I'm thinking why can't I tap a button ('see all songs') which allows me to see all the artist's songs in a list? That is something I'm looking for intuitively. On the desktop version, the list of 5 can be extended to 10 most popular, but also here I'm thinking: why only 10?! Actually, the list I'm looking for can be brought up by the app already by playing the first song (while not in shuffle mode) and tapping the playlist icon. This brings up the kind of list I would like to see: all the artists songs I can just browse through. Only now I'm playing the first song, which I didn't want to hear at all.


Preferably, I would want to be albe to sort the list in order of popularity or alphabet.




Updated on 2018-02-07

Hi everyone, thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange with your feedback. We don't have plans to update the Artist Page so that it can show all Songs by an Artist when using a mobile app. Please know we've passed your feedback on to the relevant teams and we'll continue to update them should this continue to grow in support from you all. Thanks!


I would like to see this implemented as well


 This is frustrating!!! How is it possible we can only see 5 songs from an artist? 


So simple to implement.  Just incluse a "see all songs" link at the bottom of the list of Top 5 tracks when you do a search.  Simple and easy to implement.

Casual Listener

An awful response, this is a common feature in every music player, it is just a simple search.


This is a very basic function that exists on Apple Music and it is very tempting to switch over to be able to have it. Please add this, Spotify, we would all appreciate it!


Omitting something as basic as this is mind numbingly stupid.


Seriously considering switching back to Google Play Music, just becase of this.


Holy **bleep** how has this not been implemented yet after 3.5 years.


"We don't have plans to update the Artist Page so that it can show all Songs by an Artist when using a mobile app."


Lol cool?  Thanks for listening to user feedback?  It would literally be a single button to extend the list of top songs.  It's not hard and it's a super basic function.


I am quite sure that if this was implemented it would turn up to be a very used feature.. At least for me I would use every single time I use Spotify.


One month later, and it has become very obvious to me that I'm missing this feature almost daily.


It's simply one of the ways I listen to music: I hear something from an Artist and want to hear more from that Artist, being it an Artist I alredy knew or someone new to me.

As a result, I've cancled my Spotify subscription and refereced this missing feature as the prime reason: I'll switch back to Google Play Music.





pls get this done, i think many users miss this search function (finding a track on the artists page), i think only a small percentage of them comes onto this thread