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[Mobile] See all Songs on Artist Page

Dear spotify,


First of all, thanks for your awesome service! I really enjoy my premium account on my desktop and iPhone version and use it at home and wherever I go. However there's something that bothers me often while searching for a song, especially on the iPhone version.


I often search for a song of a specific artist. So I use the search function and reach the artist's page. Once there, the app only shows the 5 most popular songs of the artist. But often the song I'm looking for is not listed there (maybe nr 6 on the list or lower). Now I have the option of searching through the albums, which can be quite time consuming, or try to use the search function again and hope to find it with a more specific combination of words (provided that I know anything more than the artist's name).


Now every time I get to this I'm thinking why can't I tap a button ('see all songs') which allows me to see all the artist's songs in a list? That is something I'm looking for intuitively. On the desktop version, the list of 5 can be extended to 10 most popular, but also here I'm thinking: why only 10?! Actually, the list I'm looking for can be brought up by the app already by playing the first song (while not in shuffle mode) and tapping the playlist icon. This brings up the kind of list I would like to see: all the artists songs I can just browse through. Only now I'm playing the first song, which I didn't want to hear at all.


Preferably, I would want to be albe to sort the list in order of popularity or alphabet.




Updated on 2020-06-09


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're keeping this idea marked as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.

If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


I find this absurd and very frustrating that there isn't a button to 'View all songs' from the artist's page on the mobile app?! Why?? This seems such an obvious thing to have! 


At the moment I have to go back off the artist's page, back up to 'Search', retype the artist's name (in full incase the search result pulls up other artist's with similar names) then scroll down to 'View all songs'. It's hassle that isn't needed as the function is already there. 


Apologies if there is already a post about this somewhere. I had a brief look but couldn't find it. 

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2016-03-28

Marked as new idea and edited the title to let it cover all mobile platforms.
This idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


I don't know how usable will be to show all song at once in mobile when the artist page is opened, but I'd definitely love an option that lets me see all of the artist's songs and be sorted whether alphabetically or by album. I support this request!


I agree with JaEdmuva, going one step further, we should be able to select how they are sorted, by album, title, popularity, whichever will help up find the song we are looking for. 


I am actually considering canceling my subscription for this reason. I get super frustrated with the fact that I can not just get a list of songs for an artist on my mobile like I can on the desktop platform. What happens when I cant remember the name of a song? If i cant remeber that do you really think I remember which album it was in?

I agree with everyone here. Why can't I see more songs by an artist without going through their albums. Come on Spotify I pay for premium content and have for years. Please solve this issue!

I was about to switch from another streaming service but when I noticed that seeing all songs was impossible, i immediately changed my mind.   Its kinda music searching 101 - so I am pretty stunned.  (This feature is EASILY done on the other service.)   Most of my friends were on Spotify so i thought i would switch over, but this is a pretty basic feature that I require on a regular basis.  Without it, there is no way I am moving over and most definitely not going premium.   

Spotify has really nice desktop client but the mobile version is really cribbled by not having any means browse artists songs. Using search is not an option since it shows songs from all artists matching the criteria.

Does any know how one could extend spotify features on android? Or does someone know does e.g. Deezer or Google music provide this feature on mobile?

 Can't agree with this idea more! It's baffling that this is not already a feature. PLEASE implement this. 


This missing feature (and this is seriously my ONLY issue with the platform) often frustrates me to the point that I think about just switching back to iTunes. 


This was a function on one of the previous versions of the mobile app, and it was great. Then they changed this function and this is very frustrating.