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[Mobile] See all Songs on Artist Page

Dear spotify,


First of all, thanks for your awesome service! I really enjoy my premium account on my desktop and iPhone version and use it at home and wherever I go. However there's something that bothers me often while searching for a song, especially on the iPhone version.


I often search for a song of a specific artist. So I use the search function and reach the artist's page. Once there, the app only shows the 5 most popular songs of the artist. But often the song I'm looking for is not listed there (maybe nr 6 on the list or lower). Now I have the option of searching through the albums, which can be quite time consuming, or try to use the search function again and hope to find it with a more specific combination of words (provided that I know anything more than the artist's name).


Now every time I get to this I'm thinking why can't I tap a button ('see all songs') which allows me to see all the artist's songs in a list? That is something I'm looking for intuitively. On the desktop version, the list of 5 can be extended to 10 most popular, but also here I'm thinking: why only 10?! Actually, the list I'm looking for can be brought up by the app already by playing the first song (while not in shuffle mode) and tapping the playlist icon. This brings up the kind of list I would like to see: all the artists songs I can just browse through. Only now I'm playing the first song, which I didn't want to hear at all.


Preferably, I would want to be albe to sort the list in order of popularity or alphabet.




Updated on 2020-06-09


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're keeping this idea marked as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.

If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


I don't know which is worse, that a music service doesn't have the ability to list songs by an artist or that after pointing out that such an obvious and basic feature is missing, it's still labeled as "Not right now" after 6 and a half years.


I'm in the same boat well said. In many many many years older older older versions ago where the interface wasn't so fancy it literally just listed songs categorized by release year. So it was fairly easy to find an artist and then scroll through the list of songs they've done. Much like as if you added all of the artists music to one playlist in iTunes. The unfortunate de facto standard that doesn't exist anymore as the interface was ruined after iT v10.


wth? just add this, any music player has this and everyone uses this

(On every platform, it's not there on PC neither)


Я полностью поддерживаю эту функцию.

Список песен позволяет очень легко избавиться от дубликатов.
Ни для кого не секрет, что артист часто добавляет один и тот же трек в разные альбомы. Лично мне нравится порядок, и я выбираю только один трек, и скрываю дубликаты, чтобы они больше никогда не появлялись, т.к. Был опыт, когда трек проигрывался несколько раз подряд. Оказывается, Spotify просто добавил треки из разных альбомов.


Кроме того, я бы с удовольствием послушал именно это исполнение, не разбиваясь на альбомы и дискографию. С помощью различных фильтров: по алфавиту, по альбомам, можно добиться того порядка, в котором хотелось бы прослушать все песни исполнителя. Сейчас мне не хватает функции просто прослушать все песни исполнителя от и до, без разбивки по альбомам, без рекомендаций и прочего. Вставил наушники, запустил приложение, выбрал исполнителя, нажал play - Готово!

Прямо здесь



  1. I just came back to Spotify from YT music. I think they the overall experience of Spotify is better, but I'm really missing the option of listening to all songs from a selected artist.

I agree, I'd love to be able to sort by Songs. That way you could shuffle an artist's songs. It's bonkers to me that we're over a decade into Spotify and you still can't simply shuffle an artist's full discography. 








iPhone 15

Operating System

iOS 172.1


My Question or Issue

Right now there is no way to - at a glance - see all the songs an artist has. You have to click the artist, then click on each individual disc they released to see songs.. JUST FOR THAT DISC.

I want to be able to see all the songs an artist has after clicking the artist profile. Please add this feature, seems basic enough


Wow, are they out of their minds? Nine years and still nothing. This is like the first feature which comes to my mind that every music player should have. Good job Spotify!


2015 spotify. Wake up, please. If you like an artist and want to listen to all his/her song it is nearly imposible. Some artist have an "this is <artistname>". But i think the artist itself makes those maps. Is it so hard to make this an default option for every artist?


Kind regards,


  • Danny

It's pretty disgraceful that this is not implemented yet, which means spotify is somehow making more money by not implementing it. From a development standpoint its a few hours work. Might try youtube music or tidal instead.