[Mobile] Separate Streaming Quality for Wifi and mobile Data

I use Spotify when I'm at home (connected to wifi) and also when I'm away from home (connected to limited data connection - 100MB per day), and every time I must remember to change the streaming quality from settings (Android app).

It could be useful to have a setting for choosing wifi streaming quality and another setting for data connection streaming quality

Hey folks! This is still very much under consideration by our teams. As soon a we have more info about this we will post here. Thanks for your feedback! 

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This is a brilliant idea!!!!

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Hey there.


I use at home 21 Mbps 3G DC-HSPA+ router (unlimited for 13 € month) and I have good speed 10-21 Mbps from mobilenetwork. However in my smartphone I have only 256 kbps unlimited speed for 2,90 € which is my monthfee incl. internet and 100 min voice to my network. I know, I use sometimes Spotify at home using my mobilephone using wifi, but changing quality manually is pain.


I would like this idea to be implemented so on mobile network I would like use 160 kbps and on wifi network 320 kbps. However also automatical option would be good so if I'm on poor area, Spotify should automatically try 96 kbps sound.




Great idea!

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Was just about to post this very same idea (but as always have been beaten to the punch). Kudos given to this idea as I think this is very useful for those using the mobile apps!

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Weird this idea has not been implemented yet, considering there's a separate quality setting for streaming/downloading. Please make it possible to select the quality depending on the network used!


I would love to see this implemented!

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I just recently switched to Spotify from Rdio since many of Rdio's features are now included in Spotify however this is one feature that Spotify definitely needs. Why it hasn't been implemented is beyond me. I am not a programmer but it seems fairly simple to program the app to detect if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or not and adjust the setting accordingly.


Seriously, this takes a few minutes to program. I bet they've never even looked into this request at all. Can't wait to leave Spotify for a better alternative as soon as it comes along. 


I was about to post this feedback but it comes as no surprise someone thought of it before me.  This needs to happen given it's been over 4.5 years ago since the idea was first floated here and has support by many Spotify users. 


To compare: NASA launched Apollo 7 through 17 in less time than it has taken this simple feature from being recognized and implemented.  In short: we went to the moon and back 6 times in that span...and all we want is high quality audio when we're not trying to save data.