[Mobile] Separate Streaming Quality for Wifi and mobile Data

I use Spotify when I'm at home (connected to wifi) and also when I'm away from home (connected to limited data connection - 100MB per day), and every time I must remember to change the streaming quality from settings (Android app).

It could be useful to have a setting for choosing wifi streaming quality and another setting for data connection streaming quality

Hey folks! This is still very much under consideration by our teams. As soon a we have more info about this we will post here. Thanks for your feedback! 


 It's been 2 months since last update. I guess other useless features are safer to implement from a business stand point than one useful that might go unrecognized


I'm not going to write the code for you, but here's the theory - seriously there are 2 variables and 1 condition. 


Wifi Streaming Quality user preference = A

Cellular Streaming Quality user preference = B


IF network connection IS Wifi Then set Streaming Quality to A



Hey Spotty-fly, I guess perhaps you should write the code (just kidding) or one of Spotify's fee-paying clients should, after all, it seems Spotify themselves don't take their clients seriously. Variable streaming is a HUGE issue and if it's too much for Spotify to tackle, then it's only a matter of time before some other vendor will chip onto the green and Spotify and their revenue streams will be history. How short-sighted can they possibly be? Clearly more focussed on their bank balances today than they are on what lies around the corner...go figure??

Casual Listener
Play Music from Google already does this.

Signed up to the community just to see when this is happening, and vote!


Wow, an idea from 2013 and still not implemented... This is so needed please add it.


Seriously, this takes a few minutes to program. I bet they've never even looked into this request at all. Can't wait to leave Spotify for a better alternative as soon as it comes along. 


I find it really disappointing that this issue is 4 years old with no resolution. This is a fundamental feature that all modern media streaming out to include.


How this funcionality still hasn't been implemented yet? Any data-intensive app offers this, EVEN FACEBOOK! I really wonder the reason for this to take so long. Do you have any agreement with carriers to make us spend our data?


Aerandir14, you have struck gold with your comment. Yes, there is no doubt at all that Spotify has struck deals with carriers who offer Spotify Premium with some of their package deals. It is not in the carriers' own financial interests if their clients use the same or less data! They need clients to drive for increased data consumption. So why does Spotify not get on top of this simple development upgrade? Because it would make sale of packaged deals less palatable to the carriers who are promised by Spotify that if they include Spotify as part of the offering to their clients, the costs of the carrier covering the premium subscription will be more than adequately recompensed by their client's purchases of larger data plans to cater for streaming. Spotify knows this, the carriers know this and their clients all know this to be true but greed drives Spotify to do nothing!