[Mobile] Separate Streaming Quality for Wifi and mobile Data

I use Spotify when I'm at home (connected to wifi) and also when I'm away from home (connected to limited data connection - 100MB per day), and every time I must remember to change the streaming quality from settings (Android app).

It could be useful to have a setting for choosing wifi streaming quality and another setting for data connection streaming quality

Hey folks! This is still very much under consideration by our teams. As soon a we have more info about this we will post here. Thanks for your feedback! 


I will love this option!

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Since this doesn't seem to be implemented anytime soon I've started using
another service while on the go. Three month trial, we'll see how things go
in three months time.

I was about to post this feedback but it comes as no surprise someone thought of it before me.  This needs to happen given it's been over 4.5 years ago since the idea was first floated here and has support by many Spotify users. 


To compare: NASA launched Apollo 7 through 17 in less time than it has taken this simple feature from being recognized and implemented.  In short: we went to the moon and back 6 times in that span...and all we want is high quality audio when we're not trying to save data.


The music saved on a pc, can mastered on an audio cd? 

Is it MP3 quality or in audio cd quality?

I woul like to listen after mastered on my Bose 3.2.1. stereo set.

Can somebody help me.



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Several years later... Still waiting. :S

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It´s never going to happen. I've given up, switched to Play Music.
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Deezer also has the option. :S


+ 1



Its been a long time since this great idea was proposed (almost five years) and it Is not implemented yet. It Is really under consideration???


Spotify plz. I want to take advantage of my audio equipment I have at home while on Wi-Fi, and also conserve mobile data while on the go, without having to switch every time I get in and out of my car.