[Mobile] Separate Streaming Quality for Wifi and mobile Data

I use Spotify when I'm at home (connected to wifi) and also when I'm away from home (connected to limited data connection - 100MB per day), and every time I must remember to change the streaming quality from settings (Android app).

It could be useful to have a setting for choosing wifi streaming quality and another setting for data connection streaming quality

Hey folks! This is still very much under consideration by our teams. As soon a we have more info about this we will post here. Thanks for your feedback! 


I would think that this would happen very quickly, but it hasn't! Should have been a no brainer!


I'm still waiting for this to happen. Is this currently being worked on?


I think this feature should definitely be implemented, especially based on the fact that Spotify Premium users shouldn't be deprived of a feature compared to free users.


With Spotify Premium, a user's maximum possible bitrate increases to 320kbps, as opposed to 160kbps for free users. While this seems to only benefit premium users for their extra payment, this puts Premium users at a disadvantage while on certain situations, especially on cellular network. When a user sets the sound quality to "Automatic," a free user's data consumption is, in a way, "restricted" by this 160kbps bitrate limit, while a premium user does not have an ability to limit data consumption to 160kbps, because "automatic" setting will generally use highest quality possible while on fast cellular network. For typical user that wants to keep bitrate to around 160kbps while on cellular, but want to use maximum possible bitrate on wifi, paying for Premium account basically creates extra inconvenience of manually switching sound quality that free users do not have to deal with. This is a bit contradictory.


As this post is already getting over 700 votes, I hope Spotify adds this feature as soon as possible.

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Over 5 years Under Consideration??!! Losing hopes on this idea... 🙁

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Please also don't forget to support turning off streaming on mobile data. So instead of providing options "high medium low", please provide "high medium low off".


Alternatively, you can make "Stream only on Wi-Fi" as a separate option. This is crucial for Google Fi users. We pay only the amount of mobile data we use each month. And the phone utilizes public Wi-Fi a lot without us noticing. I cannot constantly go online and offline mode as I find or lose Wi-Fi.


This is a great idea, I logged in just to see if it had been submitted.  I have fiber at home, no caps, so want extreme high quality on wifi.  But when on mobile data, I want normal or maybe a step higher.  Configuration options for this would be amazing.  Thanks.

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Hi Spotify Mobile DEVs

Under Settings Music Quality - please provide separate settings for:

1. Wi-Fi Streaming - Select: Auto/Low/Normal/High/Very High

2. Cellular Streaming Select: Auto/Off/Low/Normal/High/Very High

with automatic switching between the selected Wi-Fi and Cellular settings dependant on the Internet connection method (Wi-Fi/Cellular) being used by the device

To complete the above for consistency across all devices, the following could also be added:

3. Ethernet Streaming -  Select: Auto/Low/Normal/High/Very High


This will enable Spotify to automatically use the appropriate streaming rate to suit the data costs or limits which are different for home (fast cheap uncapped fibre to the home with a Wi-Fi router) and on the road (slower, expensive capped cellular data) 


Your consideration and implementation of the above will be most appreciated.


6 years this issue had been suggested. Really? Please get on with it and implement it already!

I've been a premium user for a while now and it really feels Spotify is not improving their UX at all anymore. Sad.



That would be so necessary...

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It is now unbelievably 6 years after this has been suggested. Its crazy to think that an option as easy as this doesnt just get programmed and released in a week.... So what is up with that here?