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[Mobile] View & Shuffle all Tracks in Playlist Folders

The latest spotify for android update, as well as the newest iOS update, removed the "shuffle all" option for multiple playlists within a folder. I used this feature every day and it's my favorite spotify feature. Please bring it back!

Updated on 2019-09-17

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




The shuffle feature for a single playlist has stopped working properly.

I put over 6500 songs into a playlist to listen to shuffled. And the next day I come back and resume and guess what, songs I heard yesterday get played again? This is a regular occurrence.

6500 songs from 63 years, I shouldn't be hearing the songs again. Ideally I'd maintain 2 playlists, and as soon as a song comes up it gets moved across to the other one. But its not feasible. It's tough to search the songs out just played to put them into the other one.

Maybe make that a feature? Have a "twin" playlist and auto-move.




Same thing here. 1600+ tracks on Shuffle and Anna Moffo's Vocalise of Rachmaninoff appeared three times within 3 hours.


I need this feature on mobile!


As a Spotify user that really organizes his music library by genres and sub-genres, one feature that would greatly improve my listening experience is the ability to shuffle music on an entire folder, rather than just on a single playlist.


Currently, if I want to listen to songs from multiple playlists, I have to manually switch between them. This can be time-consuming and disrupts my listening flow. With the ability to shuffle music on an entire folder, I can easily mix and listen to songs from multiple playlists without having to manually switch between them. This will not only save me time but also provide a more seamless listening experience.


Additionally, this feature would make it easier for me to discover new music in my library. This way I can simply put a radio on all the music within a folder and discover new songs that I may like.


In short, the ability to shuffle music on an entire folder would greatly enhance my listening experience and make discovering new music within my library much more effortless. I strongly believe this feature would be beneficial for other Spotify users as well, I kindly request the Spotify team to consider this feature request. Thank you for your time and consideration.



This is possible with Spotify Windows application.
Why isn't it possible in Spotify web site and Spotify Android application ?

Thanks in advance



This is possible with Spotify Windows application.
Why isn't it possible in Spotify Android application ?

Thanks in advance


Currently testing out the Playmixify solution for this issue, seems promising so far. An external solution is not ideal but better than nothing. 


It’s a shame Spotify won’t add this back in. The functionality is on the desktop app and used to be on the mobile app. Surely it wouldn’t take the developers much time to add it back in for mobile users. 


6 years, 120 pages, you'd think Spotify would listen to their customers.


I still use the last Android version that supports this feature.  And have the APK.  I've had it on at least three phones.  It's problematic.  With very large nested folders, my new Moto G 5G takes forever to load, then forever to read the playlists.  I've went to only one level deep and it has helped a lot, but still takes a long time to open Spotify, BECAUSE of the large nested playlists.  You can't shuffle until all the files are loaded. 


Cheap phones don't have the horses, then Spotify would (and probably have) received complaints about the feature not working.  It's even worse when you have a lot of local files.


Basically, programmers are too lazy to write software that doesn't consume more RAM than it needs to.  Plex is looking good for all my local files, runs pretty quick, shuffle is proper, but the whole initial appeal to using Spotify was the ability to mix online and local files, and for years they've done nothing but make it more difficult.  




I beg you, for the love of all that is holy, give us the ability to play folders on mobile.


Like many other users, my playlists are organized by genre but I often want to shuffle all playlists and pick and listen to a song as I get on with whatever I'm doing - having a folder in which to put all my playlists is a blessing as I can just play the folder and forget about it, but it's beyond frustrating to be able to do that only on desktop and not on mobile. I'm beyond sick and tired of having to constantly play the folder on Desktop and then switch my playback device to my phone so I can actually achieve what I want. And all that is undone if I close the mobile app or it stops playing because I can't for the life of me play the folder again from my phone.


This is for me again the point, where I very much consider switching to another streaming-option. That stupid playlist limit of 9999 songs keeps me from extending my favorite playlist (I already had an extensive 4 day-run-through just to make room and today its capped again) and now, as I try solving this via split-playlist, I can't play it on my phone. It's a shame how many features spotify is still lacking, it sadly seems like they just don't care (other than for money...)!