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More control over the music in Release Radar

Dear Community,
for some weeks and months now I have had a change in my taste in music and/or just want to have some variety. The problem is that the algorithm of the Release Radar is so focused on one current genre that the other "desired genres" are not displayed at all. However, as I want to listen to more different music, but am not familiar with artists or current trend songs in this new genre, it is difficult to find new songs. That's why the idea is that you should have the option to influence the Release Radar. Let's say I currently get 90% of rap and 10% of electro. But I want to have a mix of 40% rap, 30% electro and 30% goa.
Following suggestion:

1. On the release radar, a genre mixer can be opened and you can choose how many categories/genres to include in the next week of the Release Radar.


2. You add 10-20 songs that form the basis of the desired genre. In the last step, you set the weighting, in my case 40% genre 1, 30% genre 2, 30% genre 3.


3. The next Release Radar is then created based on the selection.


This also has the advantage that you don't have to explicitly name each genre. There are certainly at least 10 more correct names for each of the categories shown above.

This would get you out of the vicious circle of the Release Radar, which hardly changes, and give you more control over newer music you want to listen to.