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Multiple Playlist Authors



Recently, me and a few friends have started to get this kick ass playlist together of the music we all share and like. Obviously Spotify is the best way to do this. However, a playlist can only be managed by one single user.


Wouldn't it be a great idea that the 'founder' of the playlist can assign co-authors?


Would love to hear the feedback!

Updated: 2016-01-28

Hey everyone, Spotify Staff here. We don't have any current plans to allow multiple playlist authors. Of course there is the ability to create collaborative playlists with your friends, which you can learn about here. This idea will remain open for new kudos and comments, thanks everyone.

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Music Fan

My idea is that you can create a collaborative playlist which is published not for everyone but just for selected friends or other persons. It would also be very cool if there is some sort of chatroom in this playlist so you can discuss about some tracks and why they should be in the playlist or not. 


With this opportunity you have the chance to find out new music interests of friends and to share your own. 

Community Legend

I think this also links with this idea on owner control over the playlist. 

Definitely something I would like to see happen, I get annoyed when people change my collaborative playlists.



Concert Regular

I totally agree man, my friend and I made a callaborative playlist a while back and I felt kinda bad it was under only my name bcause it was a good playlist, seems like a small things too! 

Community Legend

Hey there!


I think this is awesome idea. I kudoed it and let's wait if this can be implemented in future by Spotify.


As always, thanks for sharing with Community!

Music Lover

Hi hpguru,


Thanks! It felt like an obvious future feature and we think it would greatly enhance the social aspect of using and sharing music amongst your friends!


Let's hope indeed that Spotify will pick this idea up!

Community Legend

Yes. This is awesome idea.


I promote it surely in related threads in Community soon.

Community Legend


Thats the same basic idea.


Lesson to be learned. If you think there needs to be an idea for a new feature or addition - search first with couple or more search words to make sure it hasn't been brought up yet. If no, then publish, if yes - add your Kudos to it.

Music Lover

Hi neo-x,


Excuse my enthusiasm.. I did search for similar ideas, however I did not stumble upon the one you mentioned.


Lesson for you: First ask, then judge. Be supportive.

Community Legend

I haven't judged anything or asked anything :) I just stated that this is not a new idea and kindly gave the link to the real idea so people don't need to search for it.


I mainly check the ideas on the forum thus seing loads of duplicated ideas, and sometimes even ideas that are even by the name of the idea identical to others, makes go something something from time to time :)


So my lesson given, was being supportive and kind. :) Don't read it the wrong way.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it