[Music] AB repeat function (loop part of a song)

In some CD players and cassette players there were a function called AB, A+B, A/B that allowed you to repeat either one track or portion of a track. I used it to listen to my favorite part of a song, or to write down the text of a song.


I really miss this function in Spotify. Repeat track is implemented, but not the ability to repeat a portion of a song.


On the CD players you pushed the button once to start the sequense, then pushed it again, when you wanted it to end. Then it repeated that area of the song, as long as you wanted.

Updated on 2018-11-28

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

Casual Listener

I really need this to be a functionality already


I am awaiting this feature for some time now and still nothing has come out of this. So now I'm here, looking it up and it looks like it has been requested since 2017. So pretty please...

PS: I even created an account only to support this idea!

Music Fan

+1 for this! I often have just parts of songs that I love, and the rest not-so-much. Would love to be able to only play this part. Would also be cool to have a URL to this part (similar to how you can link to a song with a specific start point in the song).