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[Music] Crossfade when skipping Tracks

Hello, I don't know if idea has been suggested before but I couldn't find anything like it.

So, when you're currently playing an track and suddenly decides to switch song in the middle of it, it gives a very "sharp" transition.

My idea is to, just as the "Crossfade Track" option, to crossfade tracks even if you decide to switch in the middle of the song.

My main "Inspiration?" for this idea is partys. Everyone been through it and it happens pretty much every party. People starting to switch tracks every 10th second and it's just straight out annoying.

I think a crossfade would solve this problem, half-way at least.

Thanks for reading! 

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we aren't able to prioritize it and don't have any immediate plans to implement this. We will let you know if this changes in the future.

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


You're making it sound like it would be hard to add a BPM counter and an auto-pitcher?

It's 2012. 🙂


Well it isn't as straight forward as a lot of other ideas; they need to develop an algorithm that can calculate the BPM and in the end the BPM will still be calculted wrong numerous of times (if it's wrong for example 15% of the time than 30% of the transitions will sound bad). Secondly even with a BPM counter & autofader a lot of songs will sound sped up of slowed down, typically the pitch faders of turntables are set at a maximum of +8%/-8% and there's a reason for that. At a lot of parties they play some House, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop & Dubstep; there's a big BPM differences between those genres. Than aside from the BPM counter & an auto-pitcher they'll also have to add an autokey or a lot of songs will not only sound sped up or slowed down but keyed up or down as well. When it all comes together they actually have to design almost a full basic DJ program.


Furthermore, using spotify at real parties isn't even legal; it can only be used for personal and non-commercial use, using it outside of the family circle is forbidden (in my country the family circle is defined as all members are part of the family or up to 5 people). You might not care but, in the end they need to sign a deal with the record labels so they can play their music which might be less likely if they add questionable features.


@Spotify; if you do decide to implement this idea at least make the transition time dependant on the BPM so you can choose to mix for example 16 beats instead of 10 seconds which would make more sense.


I really miss this feature! I used Mediamonkey before and switching songs is so smooth there.

This sudden silence at Spotify between switching songs is a real mood killer.


Since CTRL-right loads the next song, it would be great to have a Alt-right to fade-in to the next song...




Please do that, really miss that feature!


Exactly what i wanted to add as my idea =D


My Extension:

1. The fade in of an arbitrary track while listening to an other one is choosable over: Right click -> Fade in


2. Same function is called by tripple left clicking on the song.


I wonder why they dont do it!?!


Oh come on, everything is relative. Crossfade might not sound as good as a real DJ matching the beats but it will still sound indefinitely better than a hard skip. Rockbox does crossfade on skip and it works quite brilliantly, even on very basic MP3-players. It's totally possible to implement and works really well in practice - I've tried it and think you should too. It's really essential for parties. 🙂




Yeah, that's a must have feature! it would be ok as winamp do, if you press shift while clicking the next track button it maxes crossfade...well if you need pre buffer at least activate this funcion for who pays and can download songs so can be done with local playlists. thank you


I've been thinking the samething for years. This could be solve by adding party play feature or any name you might think OK. If you have the option activated you can crossfade that song to the next one or any other song you might want to play having a smoth transition without wayting to end the current playing song!