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[Music] Custom Start & Ending Times for a Track



I'm a big electronic music lover and there is only one feature i would like added to spotify. The option to choose a part of the track i would like to play and have the settings saved.


In the world of electronic music there is almost allways 2-3 minute build ups, and not many radio mixes of each track.


This can be a problem when having a party and a track lasts for 7 minutes with 3 of them is a buildup that not everyone would like to listen to.


It would be nice to have a feature like this that i can change on each track, just drag 2 buttons to a start and end point. and maybe have a 3-5 second fade on where i choose to set them.


Made a quick illustration on what i mean. Spotify proposition.jpg

Updated on 2018-10-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




would like something simular when practise guitar, where I can change tempo and loop a section of the song


Bringing this back!! I'd love to loop certain parts of songs!


It would be a nice option if we were able to set a song to start at a certain point. I was trying to do this so I could use Spotify for my sons little league baseball walk up songs. They only have 10 seconds to walk to the batters box and some songs take longer than that to get into the song. If we had the option to create a playlist and start songs at a certain time spot on each song.


Hey I know this has already been suggested but the suggestion is from over 10 years ago so I'm remaking this suggestion.


I get that it's a "not right now" idea but given the ever increasing quantity of music by both professionals and amateurs there are instances where skipping the start is desirable.


Existing instances include but are not limited to short change hero by the heavy that has a 1:26 intro that at best adds some atmosphere, or the end of Annihilate from the new spiderverse movie that has an unedited audio clip included in it. There was also at one point a song (though I don't recall the name) that had a run time over an hour.


Apple music already has this feature (reportedly) the other version of this idea has something like 40 pages of comments and a bunch of likes.

It's time Spotify.


Hi guys I made an android app for this and send to spotify for approval but they rejected it twice now and they say its because its against their policy. I don't think they are going to make it soon if ever. 


I play half a song a lot. I have ADHD. it would be nice to have a setting that would only play say 1 minute of each song then move along. Or maybe even 1 verse and chorus?


I would be so grateful to be able to share / text just a clip of a song on Spotify! Thank you 🙏🏻 


Le he querido mandar algún mensaje a mi esposa a través de un fragmento de una canción ( la solución, descargar la cancion, cortarla y enviar la parte que me interesa) se me ocurrió que ¿porque Spotify no hace algo similar? poder descargar el fragmento de la canción y compartirlo.


A feature that allows a user to save unique "crops" to songs, allowing the user to only listen to specific section of the track and add this to a playlist like any other track. 

Examples where this would be especially useful:
- for lengthy "hidden tracks" where the song might not playing until after 30 minutes of silence

- for tracks that have a long introduction or combine multiple songs

This could be implemented by simply adding a parameter to the song "user_crop" and provides a start time and end time for when the user plays that song. The user could toggle this option on/off or simply reset it back to the full track. 

Possibilities exist beyond these simple implementations: enterprising users may even seek to create their own content by building playlists out of clips of songs and then crossfading/blending to make new music! 


bro this is 11 years old spotify why havent you added this