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[Music] Custom Start & Ending Times for a Track



I'm a big electronic music lover and there is only one feature i would like added to spotify. The option to choose a part of the track i would like to play and have the settings saved.


In the world of electronic music there is almost allways 2-3 minute build ups, and not many radio mixes of each track.


This can be a problem when having a party and a track lasts for 7 minutes with 3 of them is a buildup that not everyone would like to listen to.


It would be nice to have a feature like this that i can change on each track, just drag 2 buttons to a start and end point. and maybe have a 3-5 second fade on where i choose to set them.


Made a quick illustration on what i mean. Spotify proposition.jpg

Updated on 2018-10-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Just wanted to add my name to the list in this petition for a crop-like function. I think this would be a pivotal development for curating thematic playlists. It also has the potential to improve general listening experience for users that may be frustrated with jarring intros or 'hidden tracks' preceded by long silences. As suggested above, this would be a playlist-specific function and would immensely enhance user experience across the board and serve as the basis to revolutionise Spotify by opening the door to many other functions without stepping on the shoes of Spotify's Soundtrap content creation and mixer service. 


According to my experience and one that  I had gained by talking to my friends, most of the users only like a few seconds of a song that might be a particular stanza or maybe the punch line of the song. So instead of making the user manually slide the song to that timestamp every time the song repeats (if on loop) we can provide a feature to let the user select a PART of the song using start and end pointers so that only that part is played and when ends the new song plays normally and if repeats only that SECTION repeats!

I think this would be a great input that would help many users. Please let me know if you require any other clarity on this suggestion.

Thank you.

Samarth Nehe


A simple function that allows you to select when to start and end individual songs. There are often parts (beginnings and ends) of songs that you dont like as much, and want to skip through. 

combined with the fade/song transition function this could allow a more enjoyable playlist.


It'd be really nice. I have some songs with a "strange choice" of starts or endings, like just a noise or even silence, for instance. This functionality sure would be welcome to several users.


I agree on more than just a general crossfade.  Some songs have a COLD OPEN OR COLD END and with the crossfade active on a song that has a traditional fadeout into a song with a COLD OPEN, you miss the opening lyrics of the COLD OPEN song.

Conversely, When a song has a COLD END, you're fading in a song in the background with no ability to bring it in at a specific time.

And the BIGGEST trainwreck is a COLD OUT to a COLD OPEN.  Being able to mark in and out on songs adds to the flow of a playlist, especially a party/dance playlist.

Thank You


This idea is amazing, can see it being useful for various EDM, house, rave kinda music but also for oldies and classic rock with super long or repetitive intros & outros.

I almost hope this doesn't get implemented cause I would spend so setting times for all the music i have liked over the years 


Please implement this feature, very very basic and important feature that I wanted for YEARS! I'm suprised and dissapointed that Spotify hasn't given attention or put priority on this feature. Please put priority on this feature it has almost 2500 votes and is obviously a highly requested feature.

I pretty much made a thread like this, didn't come up with what I searched. I added "skip skit"  as a tag to this thread.


In regards to implementing this I recommended simply right clicking (web player, desktop apps) or long pressing (iOS, Android) on a tracks progress bar where a pop up would give you an option to start or end the track. Perhaps a blue and red marker you could then drag if you wanted to tweak it later.


To incentivize doing this you could make it a premium only feature.

This would be great for skits in rap/hip hop albums. They are very common.


There is a huge amount of non professionnal DJ struggling in bars and small theater to play music during small scale event.


And they all need this feature. A playlist where you can configure the time where the song start playing.