[Music] HiFi Quality: Master Quality Authenticated Lossless Streaming (MQA)

I'm a proud Spotify Premium subscriber. Also a proud audiophile with a sound system to die for. Please Spotify, Please Please Please give the world lossless streaming through your vast catalogue and music-loving community service. The MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) idea is an option the world should have. It has the potential to stream high-quality audio without hiccups or burps to everyone! Please Please Please make the audio world a better place!

Updated on 2018-12-12

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We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



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Marked as new idea (MQA is a new codec designed for lossless streaming). You may also be interested in this related idea here

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whereas Redbook lossless (like Tidal Hifi) would absolutely be priority as a first step. 


This is not something spotify should be taking lightly. I work in a Hi-Fi store selling amazing audio systems, and the demand for better quality audio is increasing on an almost daily basis. Wimp/Tidal has managed to do this and Spotify could to. People are buying more expensive headphones, cellular data and broadband connections are fast enough, there are portable headphone amplifiers, memory is not an issue in new smartphones and computers and finally thanks to Spotify Connect/Sonos/Chromecast Audio the signal sent digitally via coaxial/optical to a great DAC there's only one limitation left: AUDIO QUALITY!!! Come on Spotify, you guys have the best library AND the best app. Don't wait for Apple to buy Tidal and then "reinvent" high sound quality. Building a bunch of playlists takes time and a lost customer might not come back. Win this one!!!


 I don't understand why so many people say that "you can't hear the difference"? Hearing has to be the same as the other senses with different people having the ability to hear different qualities. I can say that I definitely hear the difference and I do miss the sound quality of Tidal. I love Spotify and much prefer it from a usability standpoint, but the sound is a let down. For the doubters, even if Tidal is using some type of gimmickery to achieve the end result, it's still a better sound. I can't understand why the paid access of Spotify can't provide the highest possible quality for those who want it.


As soon as Spotify choose to offer lossless quality, I will for sure prefer spotify over tidal. And I would also happily pay extra for this upgrade. Really hope spotify give us this soon. 320 is yesterday spech and not good enough for 2016. MQA is really interesting in many ways, but I have my doubts that it will become the "usual standard". Hope I am wrong 🙂



I really really want Lossless streaming from Spotify. I love the apps, interface and CATALOG. My Sansui's and Timeframes are just begging for higher quality sources!! I'm willing to pay a higher subscription fee. 


I am 100% sure 30% of Tidal and Qobuz subcribers would move to Spotify ones they support HI-RES / MQA. I have Spotify family but most I listen Qobuz for the quality. Qobuz is nice, but library and app of Spotify is so much better. If Spotify offers Hi-Res, I would drop Qobuz at ones.


I'd love MQA support – tidal has been tempting because they have stated their support for MQA; my bluesound system supports it too. 


YES!!!! If it weren't for Spotify's lack of any hi-res options I wouldn't have a separate Tidal account! PLEASE, Spotify, PLEASE – you have the selection, the UI, the user base – take this one last step to take your service to perfection!! 🙂

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