[Music] HiFi Quality: Master Quality Authenticated Lossless Streaming (MQA)

I'm a proud Spotify Premium subscriber. Also a proud audiophile with a sound system to die for. Please Spotify, Please Please Please give the world lossless streaming through your vast catalogue and music-loving community service. The MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) idea is an option the world should have. It has the potential to stream high-quality audio without hiccups or burps to everyone! Please Please Please make the audio world a better place!

Updated on 2018-12-12

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I have recently quit my Spotify Premium subscription in favor of TIDAL.

Not because Tidal is a better service, because I don't think it is. I LIKE
Spotify better, but the sound... THE SOUND!

The difference when playing through a high quality system is to large

to ignore. I wish, like so many people, that I couldn't hear the difference,

it would save me lots of money... But I can. I really can.

This is clearly a business descision, not a technical issue. I just wish

Spotify could lay the cards on the table and explain WHY they won't stream

in Lossless quality. I would guess its the **bleep** record companies demanding

more money for lossless... And Tidal is still not showing profits.




Thanx for listening.


Ok, Tidal officially supports MQA. I am a premium subscriber and have been so for many years now and I enjoy your service but seriously, you are lacking when it comes to audio quality.


I have tried out both Tidal (before MQA support) and Apple Music and both provide better audio quality.


Step up or I am out.


Tidal has now provided us not only with lossless, but MQA 96K.

Where are you spotify????

Are you really not taking this seriously??

Sad, since your service is really really good, but the difference in audio quality is now way to big to ignore.

I understand that the MQA autentification can make some problems for your connect solution, but it should be possible to solve. 

Casual Listener

Spotify really needs to provide better quality music for offline use. The current Extreme Quality isn't good enough for high-end auto sound systems. Maybe it's the people recording the music that need to step up their game.... but most of the music isn't good enough for the sound systems a lot of us have who love good quality music.  


I'm a long time Spotify Premium subscriber and currently have a Spotify Premium Family subscription.  I decided to try Tidal for a month to test the (Master) MQA streaming and I must say Tidal Master quality ...and actually their HiFi option (lossless CD quality) simply sound audiably better than Spotify Extreme Quality.  It sounded so good I paid for another month at Tidal for further listening.  There should be no techilogical hurdle for supporting lossless FLAC streaming or MQA.  So ..please!  😉


Everything I'm listening to is available on Tidal. Spotify being the top dog appear only to be interested in the masses. 

I'm now seriously consindering permanently moving my premium account accross to Tidal. I thought of it before, but even more so now when the gap is becomming even wider Spotify and Tidal in terms of sound quality.


Please add high quality MQA streaming to Spotify! 320 streaming is so 2016, we need a hi-res choice! If TIDAL can do it, why not you? I would gladly pay more for it.


Yes PLEASE Spotify! Your architecture is wonderful, I use it in our living room, my music room and in my car (Mini with Spotify connection, SUPER!) but YES WE WANT HIGHER QUALITY AUDIO!!!! Do not hold back any longer, I am seriously considering switching to Tidal and knowing I'm loosing usability on different devices, but hey, we're not on 36k6 modems anymore since a few years... Everyone has broadband connections available on all devices. 

Not applicable

MQA is the future of streaming. Someone will get my $$$. Why not Spotify? Otherwise, well, you know what'll happen.


I agree 100%, please bring MQA to us. I do not want to even consider another service other than spotify. I want and will have MQA in the near future. please don't push me into having to make that decision. I have been thrilled with your product from day one. MQA will be the deal breaker for me, and alot of other Audiophiles, if you understand a true Audiophile mindset. Always looking to improve the quality of the music i live for. So come on Spotify, please bring us MQA.

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