[Music] HiFi Quality: Master Quality Authenticated Lossless Streaming (MQA)

I'm a proud Spotify Premium subscriber. Also a proud audiophile with a sound system to die for. Please Spotify, Please Please Please give the world lossless streaming through your vast catalogue and music-loving community service. The MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) idea is an option the world should have. It has the potential to stream high-quality audio without hiccups or burps to everyone! Please Please Please make the audio world a better place!

Updated on 2018-12-12

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



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There could be many factors at play here. The engineer could be an audiophile True Believer in "hi-res audio", and thus able to convincingly fool you into believing you heard a difference. I would wager that the test was not blind at all, and that you knew at all times which version you were listening to. Even a simple suggestion such as "here's the hi-res version, try listening to the cymbals in this one" is enough to convince you that you heard a difference. The human mind is extremely open to suggestion, especially when the impressions being compared are somewhat separated in time, simply because human memory is extremely prone to only remembering very broad strokes. I am absolutely not employed by Spotify, nor am I trolling, and I very strongly resent the implications you're making.

Well maybe you should take a look at yourself before feeling insulted.

@HenrikStevn wrote:

Placebo is truly powerful self-delusion.


No, you are not special. You are not blessed with science-defying superhuman hearing.

I can assure you the engineer is not an audiophile but a fellow musician. He did not expect us to hear any difference. He had just downsampled to 16/44 (probably through Pro Tools) and played the music through DAT tape deck. It is possible we might just have heard a different DAC for the playback, we will never know.  


It's so easy to label almost anythingin high-end audio as snake oil.  Most people would not either be able to hear any difference between a $1 phone DAC and a high-end $5000 DAC.  That does not mean there isn't any difference.  Often you need extensive listening to "hear" the difference or it might even be just less fatique after listening for longer periods.  


There is also one other thing you need to consider with regards to high-res audio.  A higher resolution audio file will allow the dac/digital amplifier to alter the medium without ruining the file.  This might be useful for room calibration or simple volume control.  Like in photography resolution usually does not hurt.



I have read the very first page and the last two and have no comment about what you couple commenting to each other... The bottom line is that I am not happy with this Spotify 50-50 % sound quality content, but I have nowhere else to go. Tried Gmusic as well and there and back between S and GM for a year. Going to lossless streaming again doesn't giving me a selection/volume, english is not my native language neither my first preference in music/language ... so for now I stuck here with you. I don't care what conversion Spotify is using but my best bet is a 50% only that I can load to my audio system (a bit upscale) without needing to adjust things. Now, I can understand the other folks as well not feeling any difference, at work ocasionaly me to plug in my earbuds ($150) into my cellphone (S9+ have some its called DAC amp) and listening my own same library I cannot hear a s***t difference. Tried my colleque's iPhone...and that is just a big piece of junk... sorry apply guys.

Rediculous how Tidal is a much higher quality then Spotify.

While i pay €10 every month.

I've bought a new AV-reciever with new speakers. The quality is really noticable.

A shame that Spotify doesn't support high end quality.


Hey everyone, instead of begging Spotify for this and getting a 'not right now' bull**** non-answer, subscribe to Tidal. They have HiFi and Master lossless audio that blows the doors off of Spotify. I have used it for months now and if you care about music quality, you will too.


People who say they can't hear a difference are kidding themselves. Try Tidal.

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@GaryMusic1 ,


The problem isn't Spotify.  The problem is Universal Music Group (UMG).  I have tried Tidal and quobuz.  They both have many tracks from UMG that are watermarked.  Same problem as Spotify.  High resolution or not, the watermarks are still there.  The only UMG tracks that aren't watermarked that I have found are the ones that are encoded with the new MQA thing. 


Universal Music Group owns a lot labels, so chances are, you are hearing a lot of degraded tracks, regardless of the music service you are using and whether or not the stream or download uses lossy compression.  


If you listen to classical music, especially solo piano, you can't help but hear it.  For people who care about good sound, this is truly awful.  Leaving Spotify doesn't help.  I've tried.  If you can hear it on Spotify, you will hear it on Tidal and the others.


The problem isn't Spotify.  The problem is Universal Music Group and all their associated labels.

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I just realized that I was replying to different thread then I thought.  This one was about hi-rez and not spread spectrum watermarking.  Nevertheless, what I said applies.   

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I was unable to log into the forum to post a response. Weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention we hold onto our CDs and maybe even our vinyl too if we don’t mind the hassle.

Sometimes it is nice to be offline - that is, not reliant on the internet for everything.

This should fly immediately, if Spotify had MQA, i`d only have spotify.