[Music] More Song/Album Info (Metadata)

very often I found this one particular song so nice, and want to know everything about this one song, keep me discovering even more songs of the same. I think Soundcloud does this very well, so I wish Spotify could add these things:

Year of release - so I know it's old or new.
- Genre tags - I desperately need know what kind of this song I'm listening, I can 1 click on the genre tag so I can discover all other song in the same category (such as: progressive house, downtempo, new age, ...)
- Have suggestions for one individual song - show me related tracks, playlists this song was in, album this song was in.

Have 2 more columns in playlist/album: Year of release and first gerne tag. This woule help me learn more and discover about my songs faster.

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I’d also love more built-in and granular genre, history, and metadata, especially when I get extra curious and enthused about something new to me. Lately I’ve been using the radio function on the song level when I’m really into a track, click those three dots and go to “song radio” for a generated queue of related material. It’s been useful! Sometimes if it’s an obscure song, the other music is not very similar, and seems more based on my previous listening habits, but with the rating functions you can train it to include more relevant sounds. :) 

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Updated on 2018-07-28

Marked as new idea.


It would also be very interesting to add:


* Writing credits

* Publisher/Record label


The two above being links so they can be used for discovery purposes. Common today is that a band or artist uses multiple songwriters for there albums. Let's say I find  a good song by some popular artist who I don't usually listen to, but this song is special. Then I'd like to know what other songs on other artists' albums that this songwriter has written/co-written.


Publisher/Record label is also something that can join music within a certain style or taste and can be useful for discovery. I remember it being possible to search by label search for, per example,  "label:Mariann Grammofon" in the searchbar. That does not seem to work nowadays. Easier yet would be if the label (which is written below the album song list) was clickable and would automatically give me that search.


I find myself wanting to this when i'm exploring new music and find the current experience to lack this extra step in learning about the songs and other releated.  We have the "Show Credits" popup that you can get access when your browsing the song from Album view but even there it's quite limited and often incomplete.


 I too remember the time when you could browse trough the physical album, looking at the art, finding additional information about each track: musicians, producer, technician and so on. I really lack that on Spotify!

So far I have found three or four different threads asking about this the last few years. Each one has been dropped due to too few votes. But taken together they mean something. Please, Spotify, see the big picture and let us have more info about the songs!