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[Music] Opt out of Live Songs

For an artist with 10 studio albums, I swear to God every **bleep**ing song it plays is from a darn live album. Unacceptable.

There needs to be a setting / filter that can be enabled to filter out live songs.

Updated on 2019-01-15

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



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Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea. This idea requests to hide / not play live songs of an artist.
This is a re-post of this inactive idea.


I agree! i'm a new user, and this is one of my biggest complaints with the service


I very much want this idea to happen. It's clearly a good idea, how come Spotify refuses to accept it if it doesn't get the 25 kudos?


I wholeheartedly agree. Artists are now submitting the same live concert album for each arena they play on a tour. That is typically 4-12 albums with the same material and crappy live recording. Its clogging up the artist page.

I would like to be able to sort by "studio album" only.   


Totally needed! It would be an awesome feature!


It's got more than 25 kudos--what happens now?


Hearing interviews with artists and remixes also annoys as f***!


So, will anything happen about this? Live albums are a f*king annoyance! There are certain artists that I don't listen to, because a great deal of their albums is live crap. If I want to hear them live, I would go to their concert. This is annyong as hell.


This is the one big feature I consider missing from the Spotify app. Why can we no Ignore some albums or songs we don't want to hear? Commentary songs are annoying and maybe you are not in the mood to listen to a live concert...

Gig Goer

It starts with "B" and ends with "ump"

Consider me annoyed, especially when shuffling an artist and a mixture of clapping and poor sound quality enters my ears out of nowhere.