[Music] Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists

Videos are a great media, however they should not be included in curated playlists. It is distracting to listeners that drive with Spotify, or put it on in the background at work. Also, are these videos downloaded when users make a playlist available offline? If yes, this may take up too much space. If no, this will eat data without an option to avoid them.

Updated on 2019-01-24

Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange. While we don't have plans for disabling video content in playlists, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'. Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify and they're aware of the votes around this idea. If there are any updates on disabling videos in playlists we'll let you know here, thanks!


While I agree that videos are effective media content, as I'm a video creator myself, the current implementation isn't effective. When implementing this feature, I think it is important to ask when people will SEE them. For example, most users listen on their way to class, during work, in the car, or just at home while they're doing other things. During none of these scenarios are people watching the videos being played on the playlist, therefore the user isn't gaining any added benefit. Additionally, the videos use more bandwidth, slowing down music buffering and eating more data on mobile plans. Basically, the videos are taking away from the main purpose of the app; to listen to music.


Now, that being said, the videos are a nice touch. So, where WILL they be watched? More likely on a wifi network and a bigger screen. What has that? Spotify connect on smart TV's. Currently, only the album art and the progress bar of the song are shown with a lot of wasted screen space and potential. Why don't you create an open to disable video playback over LTE, that way if you're at home with your attention on your phone, you can still watch the video, and it could play over Spotify connect on TV's. That would be a better implementation, as currently it only takes away from the experience.

Casual Listener

Whos running your design development Spotify?  Why not take design seriously so it creates a beautiful experience instead of adding things like patchwork?


It is an incredible safety hazard to have videos playing during playlists. It is also unwanted. Please make this optional.


I would like to be able to disable videos, too.

I often listen to music in my car and have my phone on a mount with Spotify open and it is really distracting when there is a video playing while driving


vote is NO. this is the worst feature on spotify and i'm considering canceling. also your "vote" option is awful. it should say yes or no. it only gave me the option of + ...so then i hit - after. which negates the vote. 



I only recently noticed the videos added to playlists, as I primarily listen to Discover Weekly or my own playlists I've curated. I find them annoying but have mostly ignored it, until I just found one playing automatically that I would not consider SFW. I listen to Spotify all day while at work, and shouldn't have to hide my Spotify app for fear that when I'm listening to my hip hop playlists inappropirate content may appear. The option to disable video should absolutely be considered. 

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Not only are videos a distraction , they also eat up valuable data , especially when just using Spotify as a music source when out walking.


I don't listen to spotify over streaming, but the looping videos are pretty obnoxious.  It adds an extra distraction to a music service that I did not ask for, it probably takes up more space on my phone to download songs that have looping videos, and it makes the interface disappear from my screen. We really should have the ability to turn this off if not for any other reason than if I wanted to watch videos I would seek out videos, not a music streaming service. /sigh

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How the F do i stop videos from playing!?!?  I signed up for spotify to LISTEN to music not watch videos!!!  


Why are you tracking this thread if you're not going to do anything about it? Spotify doesn't care about you, your time, or your data. They just want your money. Have some self respect and stop paying them to waste your time and eat your data. Just quit already.