[Music] Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists

Videos are a great media, however they should not be included in curated playlists. It is distracting to listeners that drive with Spotify, or put it on in the background at work. Also, are these videos downloaded when users make a playlist available offline? If yes, this may take up too much space. If no, this will eat data without an option to avoid them.

Updated on 2019-01-24

Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange. While we don't have plans for disabling video content in playlists, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'. Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify and they're aware of the votes around this idea. If there are any updates on disabling videos in playlists we'll let you know here, thanks!

Casual Listener

I thought Spotify had a competent design staff until I encountered this. Whose idea was this? And how has there been no action on this after all this time? This is why I hate Community sites. Nothing more than a trash can with "Suggestions" written on it.


What **bleep** decided to include these annoying useless videos.  Get rid of them ASAP.

Did any user actually request this nonsense .



Thank you for forwarding this idea. I really hope it is implemented in the near future, because as it seems it has a very high demand. IMO spotify should be as minimalistic as it can be and it should be focused on battery saving instead of things like behind lyrics or videos. When i want this type of content i can easyily go on youtube or read a wikipedia article about the band. Spotify is about music.

EDIT: Also please spotify do not just add an option to disable the videos in curated playlists as the title says. Please add an option to turn off all videos everywhere.


Why would you not have this an option to turn off? It uses data and I'm sure battery. Totally illogical. Surely it cost spotify more money for the rights to play video anyway so who is winning in this? Just make it an option to turn off.


There should be at least a disable option for when you are using your mobile data. 


But even when I am on my wi-fi at home, this videos annoy me.

Spotify is getting paid to play these videos. Please be clear on that. No corporate entity would do play any outside created content for free. This is a revenue stream for Spotify and we are the crash test dummies.

This is actually my first time ever voting or commenting on a update. Spotify is literally my favorite application ever, but this update is incredibly annoying. If I want to watch a music video I'll go on Youtube. Please fix this soon. I'd hate to go back to Amazon music. -__-


You cant disable this rubbish? What a complete load of boll*cks. Well done Spotify, this is another way to completely pis* off your customers. Way to go!


Anyone that has posted here should just share this on social media. Hopefully it will get traction.


In the meantime I switched to Tidal and couldn't be more happy with how that works these days. I know it's more expensive, but sound is superior and interface is almost identical to Spotify. And I can use it with all my equipment.


I don't understand why this was ever brought in. If I want to watch low res, low production quality portrait videos then I will. I do not want to do this while trying to listen to music. All it does is get in the way and it force hides the navigation buttons on Android even when you add the song to your own playlist. Has to be the worst feature added to date and there has been a lot a bad choices along the way.