[Music] Personal Rating of Music

It would be awesome if it was possible to give a personal rating to your songs and albums (and artists), and then sort them after it in your playlists.


Hope to see it in the future, it shouldn't even be that hard. 


Thank you!

Updated on 2018-10-02

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' again for the time being, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



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Also ability to add some text comments would be great.

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
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Hello there!


I have edited the title, since we need just one idea per thread, otherwise we can´t update it.


Since there is a "Playlist sorting options" idea already in this community, I leave this idea open for the "Personal Rating" option.


Keep adding kudos, the more votes the more possibilities to see it implemented.


Thanks for the feedback. 




Great idea - highly missed.


How to rate songs in my Favoritefolder by 1,2,,3,4 of 5 stars or anonther way to add something visible (Text, symbool, number ?) to my songs ??


Ik heb inmiddels 700 nummers van een ster voorzien waardoor ze in mijn Favrieten folder terecht komen.

Ik zoek echter een mogelijkheid om ze in die map verder te beoordelen (Rating) bijv. met 1 tot 5 sterren, zoals dat ook kan in bijv. ITunes.

Ik heb eindeloos gezocht op internet en in verschillende fora maar kan het antwoord niet vinden.

Kunt u mij vertellen of dat kan, hoe ik mijn selectie verder kan onderverdelen/ raten cq van een of ander merktekentje of i.d kan voorzien of dat daar wellicht een App voor is ?

Ik zou natuurlijk 5 nieuwe afspeellijsten kunnen aanmaken met 1,2,3,4 en 5 sterren en ze per song kunnen toevoegen aan een van die mappen maar dat werkt in de praktijk niet omdat ik telkens niet meer weet waar ik ben, welke nummers ik wel en niet gehad heb en bovendien kan ik ondertussen geen nieuwe nummers aan de favorieten lijst toevoegen omdat dan het hele overzicht van waar ik ben weg is.

Heel graag dus een tip over een slimme truc om de nummers in mijn favorietenlijst verder te raten.

Bij voorbaat hartelijk dank


T.B. Eisenga


I too really do miss that. The whole user interface on Spotify is kind of strange for me as I am very used to the amazing tool that is iTunes... with which you can basically do anything you want :)


I miss the 0 to 5 star personal rating BECAUSE on iTunes, I put 1 star when I hate. It differentiates tracks that I have NOT listened to yet to ones I have but hate. Great feature for me because it prevents me from listening twice to a song I actually hated once already :) - The 2 to 5 star makes it more subtle for me to understand if it's a "desert island" track, a track I enjoy or really enjoy.


Also the rating enables me to create automatic playlist on iTunes based on rating and genre such as "Reggae music > 4*" would be a really really good playlist of what I actually LOVE in reggae...


Simple feature would also be to create a plug-in that could IMPORT your existing rating from iTunes once you implement this feature on Spotify. Honestly, I don't know how you make do without it :)


And if you add personal ratings please provide an average of them in the general album informations. It would be a very nice identifier for good albums, much more useful then popularity display...


I think it is become quite clear that Spotify does not want you to be able to play the music that you like the best.  They want to choose the songs they feed you.  Since so many people have wanted this and it is rather simple to implement, I have come to the conclusion that they are doing this monetary reasons.  e.g. getting payments for song placement, or doing things based on the royalty payments they need to pay rather than letting you listen to the music you want. 


Just started using Premium instead of iTunes, but greatly miss the star ranking / rating, allowing to any time give a song passing by your personal rating. Using playlists generated automatically based on the amount of stars gives you all your top songs. Spotify is seriously missing such a personal ranking / rating feature!


Thank you all who have added to this thread. 

Seriously now, Spotify. This is a standard feature in all most other music players, as well as the option for personalised fields such as Release Date instead of Date Added. Not having that option is SO frustrating.

17 pages of other users also think so = representing an unknown number of actual users who badly miss this feature or would be delighted to have it. There is absolutely no reason to not implement it immediately.