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[Music] Personal Rating of Music

It would be awesome if it was possible to give a personal rating to your songs and albums (and artists), and then sort them after it in your playlists.


Hope to see it in the future, it shouldn't even be that hard. 


Thank you!

Updated on 2018-10-02

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' again for the time being, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Thanks eule_7834 for the pointer to this app. It looks like it will be very helpful and a good work around to that fact that Spotify will likely never add ratings.

I'm still using SongTagger and it has made all the difference for me.


I now have a huge list of my top favorite songs: I cut it off at 4 stars, i.e. I generate playlists with 4+ stars, and only listen to those songs: they're about one third of all my liked songs, so SongTagger helps me listen to the top 35-40% so I won't be bothered with the less good liked songs - makes a huge difference in everyday listening.


As a result, my Discover Weekly has become significantly better too.


If anyone wants to try this, but feels intimidated by that program, chat me up by PM and I'll help you. I'm interested whether other users also have this game-changing experience that I've had with that program. I feel like I'm the only one on the planet who does this haha.


Only need to have the ability to add an extra heart or two to already 'liked' tracks.
This request has been here now for 10 years ! C'mon Spotify developers, it can't be that hard.


Hi spotify,


I'd like to be able to move the songs around in my playlists.

I'm a Dj and I use Spotify to find new music and when I make playlists sometimes I want to organize my music in a particular order or just move the tracks in different ways: arrange them by Artist or Genre 'd be nice.


Also I'd like to be able to see the information about the song I'm listening to.

Maybe of connecting the song to Google so we can see the year it was released, what genre of music is and other relevant information.


Ps: I'd love to be able to edit the lyrics of some songs when they're wrong, do you have team for that? Can I be part of it?


Best regards,

Breezy Elf.










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Ooh about the Stars in the song...

As a Dj, I'd like to be able to rate my songs as I listen to them, so when I listen to them again, I'll be able to rank them according to their ratings


Rating songs from 0 to 5 stars, you can see what your friends rated the same song, and they can see what you rated it- that way you already know if your friends have listened to a song you like, and what they already think of it




This concept has been added to Podcasts and would massively improve ratings for music - I like lots of songs but I love fewer and I would like to differentiate at this base level (Green heart and Red Heart) but preferably using 1-5 stars


is it now time?

Yes, 1-5 ratio would be great too
I just want to be able to change the order of the songs haha hope they do
something like that
It’s funny that we are allowed to have this for podcasts, but not for
This thread is more than a decade old now.
Spotify is not interested in giving more control over what you listen to,(5
stars/label, style and other tags to organize by/easily tracking users
(playlists) you follow/adding local tracks, etc) and usually comes om up
with new ways of making you dependable on their algorithms. I keep hoping
they will, but I’m a bit pessimistic.