[Music] Record Label Linking

I think it would be really useful if when you're viewing an album and see the label information listed at the bottom you could click on that and link to other releases from that label. It would be great if they were in chronological order too so you could see their new releases and how the label has evloved and expanded. There are some similar ideas about this that have been closed but it would be really nice to reopen the topic, especially for smaller/indie labels who really curate their releases. 

Updated on 2018-07-21

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


This has to be so simple to turn on. I would love this.



Yes! Just had this idea myself and I'd love for it to become a thing


 Agreed! This has been a topic for over 6 years now....seems kinda straight forward to implement and would be of so much use for discovering new music.

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I absolutely support this Idea!!!


This is needed. Also the possibility to create a label page and publish content such playlists and events to people based on location.


Yes! Please do something about this Spotify.

Now your catalogue is incredibly big and many people want to discover new music based on the labels. 

For example: I like to hear a field recording album, and there is this one compilation from a label. I want to see other compilations of the label but there is no way finding it.

Please help!!


Rdio use to have this and it was awesome! Used it all the time to browse a label's back catalogue....

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Great idea, also make it possible to follow a label, like you can follow an artist,

so new releases from that label show up in your new release stream...


How is it possible in 2019 that this hasn't been implemented yet? Unbelievable.
We need it!

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This would be a great feature especially if you were also able to follow labels in order to get notified of new release or have them added to Release Radar. The label data already seems to be there so could be a quick win.