[Music] Record Label Linking

I think it would be really useful if when you're viewing an album and see the label information listed at the bottom you could click on that and link to other releases from that label. It would be great if they were in chronological order too so you could see their new releases and how the label has evloved and expanded. There are some similar ideas about this that have been closed but it would be really nice to reopen the topic, especially for smaller/indie labels who really curate their releases. 

Updated on 2018-07-21

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


This idea has been submitted numerous times and always upvoted a lot. Why is this still not an option? Just more of Spotify being lazy.


1. Labels deserve recognition, they put in a lot of work. 2. Users want to discover music via labels to find new songs and artists. You're already helping users discover new music with automated playlists, so why not labels? 3. Labels, run by human artists and not algorithms, are often better at curating music because... art. 4. Spotify could be the first to do this when no other major streaming service is, and Spotify may win over a lot of fans because of it. There are 4 powerful reasons to take action on this immediately. Why are they still alseep on this? If you are a Spotify employee please send this to the dev team. 


How is it possible in 2020 that this hasn't been implemented yet? Unbelievable and unfair, I think!
We really need it! Since early 2018 I've been trying to manage my own labels discographies playlists collection but they aren't too long enough I always want more and more. Please Spotify make searching by label a possibility! Thank you.xv.JPG

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I also beg for something like that, how do I give my kudo?🤔


This is definitely something worth implementing. I'm 100% positive that there are enough (heavier) users that would greatly benefit from being able to follow and support entire labels instead of just artists.


Some discovery features that aren't available because of this:


1. New releases of a pool of labels. Nowadays the only way to get notifications on new releases is on "New releases for you" section. What this means is that I see, on average, 4~6 relevant releases of a pool of 50+ that I'm missing.

2. Exploration on labels instead of only artists. It would be imensely helpful to be able to explore more releases of a given label to find music that is endorsed by artists that I already know (and not only those that Spotify's recommendation models predicts that are fit fore me)


I'd use those features so much I'd be willing to pay an extra monthly to use them.

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What I have discovered since previously posting is that it is possible to search using label: as a prefix to a search e.g. label:"Atomnation" or label:"Erased Tapes".


SPOTIFY please DO THIS!! This would be such a useful tool for DJ's as well, that is one way we use to find new music and keep up with releases. A feature where labels had a link to their own, "label page" just like we have, "artist pages", would be amazing. I have seen in the past that Spotify is trying to implement themselves in the DJ community more, I think this would help them do this. 

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Yes, please. Such an obvious feature. Why not?