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[Music] Shuffle by Album

Simple enough concept:  Shuffle by albums instead of by tracks, for those of us who prefer full-album listening.


Should function at least within playlists and the play queue.  Perhaps it could also work in radio mode.

Updated on 2019-10-27

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
We're keeping this idea at 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. 
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


This has been the one and only feature that I have been really looking for out of Spotify for the past few years that I have had my premium subscription.  I used to listen to all my music on my iPod via album shuffle and I would greatly appreciate having this feature in the future.  


This is the one of the beloved features in iTunes I'd love to have on Spotify. Support!


Throwing my hat in the ring as someone who would like this feature.


Spotify has a lot of things going for it, but one thing I really miss from the iPod days is shuffle by album.


This is an important feature for audiobooks, too! It is outrageous how spotify tries to decide which music I should listen to and at the same time prevents me from listening to what i really want.


Wow.  People have been requesting this feature for at least 6 years (as far as I can tell from these forums), and you're still shutting it down.  How many developers do you employ?  It seems like this would not be a complicated feature.  Why don't you hire a few more developers so you can make improvements to Spotify?


Yeah, I switched back to Apple music for two reasons:


  1. Using a 3rd party app I can shuffle by album.
  2. Apple Music prioritizes my library: when I open the app the first thing I see is albums I've recently added and/or playlists I've recently added. This, and also it's just a tap or two to find an artist or album. On Spotify it's at least 3 or 4 taps to get where I want to be in my library.

I think this is a huge failure in music players as well and would be great if Spotify could be in the forefront and improve this. I'm a big fan of classical music and will not use spotify to listen to classical music as many albums are meant to be played if not as a whole than at least in chunks (e.g., Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is best, I believe, when heard with all three parts together). 


I'd love to have a player that implements this feature. I listen to soundtracks, they tell a story, I want random/shuffle, but only full albums, not individual songs.


It seems crazy to ask me to pay for a service that won't let me just shuffle a full album if I want.

I'm stuck on Strike Anywhere (who I like), but I want to listen to Western Addiction (like I was) but every time I click shuffle play on their album it just resumes Strike Anywhere, even after I exit.

Why. Just why.


I'm also on this wagon. Album shuffle is all I listen to through my iTunes. I have a Samsung phone though so Spotify is everything however it's so frustrating that thing isn't an option. It's one button. How hard is it to add? How could there be a problem with adding it?!

I pay for my premium subscription just like everyone surely they can get someone to put it in. 

Rant over 😛