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[Music] Warning when a Track is removed from Spotify

I use Spotify to store the music i like - saving them on Playlists. Spotify adds music continuosly but also deletes other, by licence problems or whatever. But you Spotify must warn me in that circumstances, so I can get that music from another source. It s not acceptable that you quit music from your servers and from my playlist without any kind of warning. It s a disrepect to the user of your service. Please solve this problem as soon as it s possible.

Updated on 2019-01-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


As before, you can show unavailable track by going to Settings -> Display Options -> Show unavailable tracks in playlists. This setting also works for saved songs.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




This is still an issue and im really waiting spotify to listen to their customers and develop that notification tab to notify about deleted liked/saved songs.



This Idea is a MUST!!!

This is unacceptable that tracks from your own precious music library is suddenly vanished without knowing


please implement an instant notification and/or list of recently removed tracks (due to licensing or otherwise).  the current state makes it very annoying to take inventory of what's been removed as it disrupts personalization of playlists of offline, cloud based tracks, and playlist limits. 


I am very dissapointed as well about this matter, and what it is worse is that it doesn't look like they are really trying something.


Some guys have commented here before about a "notification service" when the songs are removed, but sometimes the removal is temporary and it looks just like unlike songs, they should try to keep the "songs you buy" assuming the saved playlist or the liked songs as your own buyings.


So it is their fault, a notification is an obligation, to restore it should be a must.


Spotify was the best, till i notice that songs where deleted. Now i missing a lot of my favotite songs. So stop deleting music. Otherwise Spotify will never be a complete music server. Be Complete and stay the best music server.

Tbf I don’t think anything else can ever begin to compare to Spotify, even
with the occasional deletions…the tracks remain gray when unavailable so
it’s not the end of the world, but it’s still important to implement a
notification method for this so that they can be replaced with an available
copy of the same song if there is one. Because when you have thousands upon
thousands of songs across well over a dozen playlists, well…for any
hypothetical competitor to try to steal you away, there’d have to be a way
to directly and easily transfer literally all of that. 😉

A lot of artists I've been listening to have been removing songs and I am not hearing them in my playlists. I would like to be notified whenever a song that I enjoy is ripped from my grasp.


Noticed many of the songs and albums are disappearing without explanation. When searching for the album on Google there is still a dead link to Spotify but no answer. Personally, it would upset me less knowing WHY said tracks have been removed.


@JamblesTheClown exactly! In fact, my ticket suggests to show the reason for removal (not as a notification, but at anytime when hovering the track), but was redirected to this one, which is not exactly the same but covers the same issue.


To me, they are complementary: a notification system is good if you already have a track in the playlist. Seeing the reason for the track being removed is good when you want more information after seeing the notification, or if you didn't have the track on some playlist, just discovered a new playlist/album but realized that some tracks are unavailable, and want to know why.


The moderator told me to reopen a new ticket, stressing why my suggestion is different from this one, if I thought it was not a duplicate, but I'm too tired to do this as it would be my 3rd ticket on the matter (the 1st one was misunderstood and closed), so I'll just leave this comment here. If this ticket is fulfilled, maybe we can consider mine as a joint feature.

Sure, if the reason for removal can be included, great—but I’d just be
happy to be notified when one has become grey and unplayable so I can try
to replace it with a working version if possible. Or it’d just be nice to
know when that happens to playlisted/liked songs.