[Music] Wish Box for missing Tracks & Artists

Could it be good idea to add a wish box or a button somewhere in Spotify so every time I don't find some record from Spotify I could easily add it to the wish box. Maybe a button next to the search box so after a failed search just clicking the wish box button. Afterwards the Spotify staff and record companies (and users) could see which records are most wanted and use that information for getting the records to the Spotify.

Updated on 2019-02-18

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We're switching this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


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I understand that the major artists absent from spotify (pink floyd, beatles, metallica etc) are missing through their choice, not spotify's. there would be little point in having a wishbox feature if its just for these cases.


however, there are a lot of smaller, independent artists missing, some long since disbanded possibly on defunct record labels, which is where a feature like this will be useful.

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I could see this being implemented, even as a function on the website. At the end of the day, sure Spotify can't force artists to put their music onto their service. However, it sounds much more appealing for Spotify to tell artists and companies "We have 500 requests for your latest album to be on our service" than for individual users to write to them to ask.




I am surprised that I cant find a fair number of tracks by popular artists. Some of these songs were popular and should be included by Spotify but I dont see them. Examples are "I" by Don Cornell in 1952, "Hit and Run Affair" by Perry Como in 1954 and "Got A Match" by the Daddy-Os in 1958. With all the titles listed these songs should be in there.


For however long I've been using Spotify, I've dreamed of this feature. I feel like most the bands that I listen to that don't have their entire discography up would be happy to, because they're not the huge artists that want to pinch every penny, they just want people to hear their music. And I too like to pretend my voice is being heard.

Other than that, Spotify has been doing great.

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Dear Spotify


may I please inquire WHY Tool is not to be found on your awesome Spotify app?
It would really mean something to me and so many other Tool fans, to add Tool to the beautiful Spotify librabry.

The band really deserves to be part of Spotify. 



It's all about the sharing.



Kind regards




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Please add some Darren Styles to Spotify. A one album isn't enough for me. Spotify Finland.


We need a wish box!!!


I love music from Darren Styles!!!


My thought exactly.


I'm a big fan of retro dance music and although there is a growing catalogue of this music type on Spotify there are a number of awesome tracks still waiting to be added and having the ability to wish for some of these would be awesome.

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Please Kudo this we need wishbox.

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I just merged two ideas to this one since they were requesting the same (kudos&comments added)


I will bring news on this topic as soon as I have.


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