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New "likes" system is a mess

To like a song you click the plus, but to unlike it you have to do multiple clicks/taps. It's incredibly clunky. This was way better as 2 separate buttons, there's no benefit to merging the two. You also need to know what the button does and how it all works.


And when viewing a playlist you can't see which tracks are liked, because the check mark means it's either on a playlist or liked. It's totally obtuse compared to the simple heart icon from before.


There might be some parts of a good idea here, but this current approach is clunky, messy, and unclear.

Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

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The green dot system doesn't even work!!!


If someone copies my entire playlist there's always around 10% of the songs that don't have the green dot..I have all these songs in my playlists. SO WHY THERE IS NO GREEN DOT??? This totally sucks and I told, explained, and I have send some artists that don't get the green dot, etc. to Spotify already a month ago...

I told them how to see this bug/error with their own eyes but they don't read my explaination well or they act as they are the dumbest person in the world and let me explain it for the 3rd time even with all the proof they can easily experience the same problem...

It's frustrating that so many artists don't get the green dot. Fix the database. Worthless system!

It happens so many times i listen to a song but i don't see the green dot, that supposed to be there because I have the song in my Playlists. I have to check all those songs all the time now...And guess what..They are in my playlists, exactly the same versions from the same albums. But no green dot!? Green dots have their own mind and I never experienced this with the hearts.


In your Spotify desktop browser you can see your TOP TRACKS THIS MONTH list of songs...they are all in my playlists...that's why they appear to be in my monthly TOP track list, but since the hearts had to replaced for the green dots, always 5-10% don't have the green dot! When I try to put these songs in my playlists, where they belong, Spotify tells me they are already added. That's what I say! But the song doesn't get the green dot. Fix this Bug!


Why we have the same option 2 times in one line...? I use desktop app, and with each song I have a double option to add songs to playlists...WHY IS THERE A DOUBLE OPTION FOR THAT and NO OPTION TO SEE MY LIKES THAT MAKES IT USELESS NOW TO LIKE SONGS??? The Green dot and the three grey dots are not even a centimeter distance from eachother.

Another crazy thing is that Spotify moved the back arrow on desktop and browser app. Now we have to scroll your cursor over our back arrow from Your Library and ignore it, to go the the far left corner if we want to go a page back in our Playlist...HOW MESSY, CONFUSING AND UNLOGICAL! Put the Library back arrow at the left side and put the back arrow for Playlist we are playing, back where it was.

I have not 'liked' any song since december 2023 when the hearts dissappeared. It's useless now and I don;t understand the purpose of 'liking' songs. (three frustrating steps and it has not any positive effect...we can't see our likes!)


Make sure things work well, before you take away the good things...


Bring back the heart...!


Maybe someone can create a Browser (add-on) Extension or something, to make the Spotify Hearts come back? Similar to the extension that brought back the Youtube like/dislike buttons when Youtube took it away...


Thousands, maybe millions of users will use this extension...100% guaranteed. Not like the worthless and frustrating 95% guarantee that we are getting now with the green dots NOT showing all the songs we have in our playlists.


@Lanciano007: A browser extension would provide a workaround if most people used the Spotify browser version, but most people instead use the desktop and mobile apps – plus, they're much better/faster.  So it wouldn't be worthwhile to develop one, and it's likely that they'll eventually restore the icon b/c it's undeniably universal and popular.  Spotify has an ugly history of reckless, haphazard, and illogical feature removals, while simultaneously ignoring user requests and preferences.


Also, did you delete your other comment that contained all the forum links, or did a moderator remove it?  It's not showing up here, but I received the emails.  Great job researching all the duplicate Ideas.  These should all be consolidated and merged into the same one.  The total vote count for all 5 Ideas is now 4,175!!  In addition to this are 55 pgs of negative feedback in the official announcement.  Talk about blatantly ignoring user requests and preferences.  I updated my previous post above, and included the links to all of them.  Please everyone, vote for each of these to keep the numbers increasing.


@Shape5: I didn't delete my comment. It was removed by the moderator (in their eyes it would be spam). The message got a support 'like' within a minute (that's why I got a copy of my message in my mail) and after that it got removed. I already had the same message for over 2 months in another thread and it was no problem. So I thought I remove the other message and place the message again in this thread, and now it got removed here and it's waiting for approval. I feel a bit censured. 🤐


First page, last message... 😉


I think 99% (maybe 100%) of the users, that took time to find, register and respond on this Community Forum, are dissatisfied/disappointed Premium-paying users giving feedback.. And I believe 99% of us just want to organise, discover and listen to our beliked music instead of responding on this forum...


I switched from Youtube to Spotify because I wanted to 'listen' music on my mobile (without annoying Youtube ads). Now I'm experiencing that I'm almost not using Spotify on my mobile anymore, because the Hearts disappeared and I need 'organised' Playlists to 'listen' to music... When I 'listen' to my music, I dislike to be disturbed by anything else...So the one click 'Like' button was not disturbing (frustrating) me...the new three steps do... especially when it has no purpose to do so...can't 'see' my 'Like' (Heart) anymore!).



@Shape5: For me a browser (add-on) extension will work perfectly...


On my mobile, I only 'listen' to my playlists... Because the mobile app doesn't give the needs and it's impossible to use my mobile to 'discover' songs, and 'create' and 'organise' my playlists... So I use Spotify on desktop and browser to 'listen', 'create' and 'organise' my playlists...


Don't get me wrong. I am satisfied with the new function of the green dot. I think many of us will appreciate and benefit from this new feature. But it remains incomprehensible that the 'visible heart' had to make way for the green dot, while it can also be merged with the three gray dots, so that the 'visible heart' can be kept in the same place.


Spotify's player now looks like one of the first (but with more bugs and messier) Windows Media Player Classic versions, that I actually liked.

In that era....a few decades ago 🤔


@Lanciano007: That’s what I figured, b/c it also happened to me just after I read your post and commented.  It was false flagged by their spam filter, not censored though.  I submitted a “Report Inappropriate Content” message, and explained in the comment box that there were several false flagged comments I posted which included no spam, or even links to 3rd party sites, but were removed all at once without notice.  The security team must have restored them based on this, as within an hour they were back.  I’d suggest trying this too.


But I was also able to get the case escalated from 2nd tier chat to the Escalations Team via email, which they said is the highest level of support they offer.  I gave them the link to your removed comment (which came thru via email) and asked them to restore it, and said this proves that their filter is not working as intended.


My assumption is that the system is marking them as spam due to several included links (even though they were to other forum Ideas), or separate messages being posted back-to-back, as both of us did this on the same day.  Of course, I also asked them to take a good look at this Idea and the other 4 which should be merged into one, along with a plethora of other bugs and functionality issues I submitted.  I agree there are a ton of problems on both Spotify platforms.  They regularly update the apps, esp the iOS version, but rarely fix critical bugs and essential missing features.  It’s been like this for many years, 9 to be exact!  This was when Spotify started to go downhill: New Update Mega Discussion Thread [Complaints, Workarounds, Changelog] : r/spot..., but they’ve made many improvements since this catastrophic makeover which removed dozens and dozens of features all in one shot, the worst version they ever released.


I hear you on the browser extension.  It’s just that most people don’t use this version.  Either 2 separate icons are needed next to each other, or 1 icon that can display 2 different ways to communicate these 2 separate meanings: liked & playlisted.  But they need to be independent.


I have updated my message with 6 more threads from users experiences after the changes...


First page, last message...


@Lanciano007:  Nice – yeah, this is the one that came thru via email and was auto-removed.  I already passed on the relevant links from here to the Escalations Team, and asked them to merge all 5 into one Idea since they all refer to the same issue.  The would increase the tally to over 4200 votes.  I also added them to my previous post on pg. 3, as noted above.


Crazy how inconvenient it is to remove a liked song from your library since this update. Talk about un-user friendly. 


Terrible update, Spotify. 


I like just clicking the +button to add songs to playlists however when I do so it also automatically adds the song to Liked Songs which I find completely unnecessary in most cases.