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New "likes" system is a mess

To like a song you click the plus, but to unlike it you have to do multiple clicks/taps. It's incredibly clunky. This was way better as 2 separate buttons, there's no benefit to merging the two. You also need to know what the button does and how it all works.


And when viewing a playlist you can't see which tracks are liked, because the check mark means it's either on a playlist or liked. It's totally obtuse compared to the simple heart icon from before.


There might be some parts of a good idea here, but this current approach is clunky, messy, and unclear.

Updated on 2024-01-27

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you are totally right. can you take a look at my suggestion on my profile?🙋


I’ve also been a premium user for about a decade.  This new change makes anything involving likes so much more time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating.


Removing features almost always causes problems for the users who depend on them.  At the very least, add a preference to enable/disable the feature rather than remove it, so that those who use the feature can still enable it if Spotify for whatever reason no longer recognizes its usefulness.


Firstly, there are discrepancies w/ this feature (and others too) between the iPhone and Mac desktop apps, when functionality and layout between all platforms should be consistent with each other in order to maximize universality/usability.  


On both the mobile and desktop app, you can no longer tell which songs in a playlist are liked without another few steps: tapping the “add to playlist” option to see whether they’re in Liked Songs (3 steps on mobile!) or clicking on the song menu icons (desktop), since all the non-liked songs are also checkmarked on both platforms (confusing enough?).  Obviously, this backwards process is completely ridiculous and nonsensical b/c it requires extra convoluted steps (rather than 0 steps before) to simply view an icon which you’d normally be able to see next to every song.  So now, rather than being able to see in a few seconds which songs out of potentially hundreds (or thousands) in a playlist are liked, you have to click on each individual song’s menu (desktop) or tap 2-3 other options (mobile), which nobody would even bother doing for this many.  Plus, you can’t remember which ones are liked or not liked if the icons are hidden from plain sight.  The checkmark is also very confusing b/c you can’t tell if it means the song is liked or just added to a playlist, since it represents both.


The “like” and “add to playlist” functions and icons also need to be independent of each other, b/c not all songs you add to playlists are necessarily ones you also want to heart.  This makes the “like” option pointless and unnecessary if every song added to a playlist is also liked.


To make this ideal for all users would be to add a preference to show/hide these 2 separate icons: one for likes, and another for playlists.  Both should be enabled by default, and when disabled would exist in the drop-down menu only.  Both of these are needed for the large majority of users, they often do not overlap, and should appear next to each other by every song in all playlists and albums, and be visible at all times, like the heart icon used to.  Likes should then be removed from the drop-down menu when enabled, since this is redundant.


Also be sure to vote for these ideas below which address the same issue, although they should all be consolidated into the same Idea.  The total vote count for all 5 Ideas is now 4,175!!  In addition to this are 55 pgs of negative feedback in the official announcement.  Talk about blatantly ignoring user requests and preferences.

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And this is the official announcement page for this utter feature catastrophe which states: “The best way to share your feedback is to comment here in this thread.”

The Heart button is being replaced with a (+) Plus button - The Spotify Community



I highly recommend also voting for this new feature to improve the checkmark icon.  This can still be used in conjunction w/ the heart icon:

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This also has become an issue of safety for me. You can no longer like songs in Google Maps or Waze, which I believe is due to this update. It is not safe for me to switch to the Spotify app in order to like a song while driving. 


Such a stupid system. I have a very large library over 9,000 songs long. I have a very organized approach to sorting my music into several different playlists based on genre, then by month, then filter the songs I REALLY like into playlists of their own. The "Liked Songs" and heart button was important because it really helped me keep track of the music I was discovering.




It meant that if I visited an artist page, I could instantly have a playlist of all the songs from that artist that I "liked", without needing to create a separate temporary playlist or skip around their discography of songs I didn't care for. Now I'm apparently supposed to "Just remember" which of the 9,000+ songs in my playlists from months or YEARS ago I did or didn't like. (I keep the ones I didn't like as much as I thought I did on my first listen for the legacy)


Furthermore, it complicates the system for casual listeners who might not bother with maintaining numerous playlists. Now when Joe is at the gym listening to a Spotify generated playlist and likes the song he's listening to, he can't just hit the "Like" button and return to his workout? When Susan is driving to work and hears a song she likes in her morning mix she can't just hit the "Like" button? She has to take her eyes off the road and distract herself further? While Bill is gaming? While Mary is at work? They NEED to add the song TO A SPECIFIC PLAYLIST??? IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL THAT THEY FILTER THE SONG IMMEDIATELY, AT THAT VERY MOMENT?!?!?? IT CAN'T WAIT??? 


What if they only have one playlist anyways? What if they really don't bother sorting their songs into playlists in the first place? **bleep** them I guess. Let's needlessly complicate**bleep** even more. I know, maybe when I click on the album cover in the playbar, instead of bringing me to the song in the playlist I'm currently listening to, it should open up an unrelated sidebar of artist information *cough cough*



I also don’t really like new liked features. Spotify, come on! I love the previous heart directly connected to the playlist “liked songs”


Reiterating my comment from another forum post to express my dissatisfaction with the current situation.

"like" how Spotify organizes their application.

Choosing to replace the like feature with some kind of plus and then sorting songs by playlists has never been so annoying.
In large playlists, a few songs play on repeat while others go unheard for months, also a "great" feature.
And of course, the revamped queue view. My last straw.

"Thank you, Spotify."
I hope something will be done for the better, otherwise, unfortunately, I will have to say goodbye.

Unsatisfied user.


I do occasionally use playlists, but 99% of my interactions are just liking or unliking a song. So for 99% of my interactions, I have to do 3x as many clicks in 3 different places. Such fine user interface design.



Removing the heart icon offers no benefit to playlist management either, but rather the opposite since you can no longer see which songs in a playlist are liked (as I mentioned above).


bring back the heart icon likes, it's hard to find songs on a playlist which is 100 songs or more.


This new system is a mess and it's absolutely annoying that it's evidently implemented to make us spend more time in the app. It's disrespectful to waste paying customers' time like that. I use it all day everyday and have a library of over 1300 songs. I won't be giving three taps each time I want to unlike a song, I've been using the desktop version's backspace feature as a temporal workaround but seriously, it's been a problem since january and nothing has been done yet?


Supporting Baitijs' comment I will also be leaving the app if nothing is done about it. If this goes on at the end of april I will move on after being an 8 year user because I don't support these practices.