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[Other] Lyrics support for Apple TV app

Lyrics have been a great addition to Spotify apps across several of my devices, but on the latest Spotify app for my Apple TV 4K, the feature doesn’t seem to be available. Roku and Xbox already appear to have support, so it would be great to have this feature on Apple’s streaming platform as well.

Updated on 2022-04-04

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Literally switched to Apple Music for this. I’ll come back to Spotify in a heartbeat when it’s added 


I’m on the verge of switching to Apple Music just for this feature, they also need to add the ability to queue songs from the TV interface like the LG WebOS version of the app.


Any updates?


I guess I gotta try Apple Music again


Considering I use the ATV 4K for parties, this is a great idea!


why spotify for apple tvos does not show lyrics? Why ??? Any upgrade soon with this feature, thanks 


please please pleasee. i'm seriously contemplating going back to apple music BECAUSE of how useful and fun having lyrics are. i would use spotify more and recommend it if i had lyrics.


Agreed - another looking to switch to Apple Music for this feature. Been waiting ages - can’t be that hard. Seems a deliberate decision to limit the functionality on Apple TV.  Have enjoyed supporting Spotify rather than being roped in by Apple, but the kids love the lyrics and it’s a major drawback for our family…


Please 🙏


Lyrics, video, anything, please. Heck at this point I would be happy if at the very least, the playback controls faded away. Love the visuals on my iPhone but so disappointed in the static image on my 85” 4k screen using Apple TV. All this tech and I am forced to stare at the playback controls since they don’t even fade away. Why is this platform neglected compared to the others? If it’s a licensing deal or Apple won’t allow it then tell us. Something must be up if every platform but ATV has stunning visuals. Is it coming or not?